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  1. Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why? With advent of new technologies we stepped into new era of mordenization where everyone including some children have technologies like smartphones with them. More and more parents at giving access to smartphones to the children day by day.While it seems to be the part of mordenization to equip children with smartphones, it has got some demerits as well. To balance both sides will be the correct way to proceed. Firstly, lets talk about some advantages of giving smart phones to the children. With the evolution of the smart phones it is not just a piece of equipment to call and do text messaging, rather it has become the most versatile and multipurpose utility today. So getting familiar with it is nice thing to donot too early but early enough. From this they can learn new things easily as it has got some multimedia in it and the internet has all the information they need in an instance. Next, as the technology in developing the smart phones are getting smarter every day ,it contain more and more information updated. so children of today will get updated and needed information with much ease with it. They will learn more things from it easily and quickly. Before some children couldnot get the knowlege they needed due to unavailability or low number of books or material in the library, now with smart phone they can overcome the problem and they can easily access the material anywhere anytime. Similarly , new online study platforms will help share some great way of learning. some of the examples are like khanacademy, tedx,and othe youtube channels. this will help some children in remote area where providing quaity education is hard. Having listed all of above advantages of the smartphone in a hand of a child, we shouldnt for a second beleive that it is all good. like many things it has also different dimerits aswell. Some child may have smart phones from very young age and that is also without any limitation; in that case the child may deeply invole in virtual reality and may be lessee and lesser intouch with reality. this may create problem in him later ; later in life he may have problem communicationg with people . There as some things which needs to be experienced in reality not in virtual reality. smartphone should never be the replacement for that. Like playing outdoor and indoor game in reality is far more better than playing a smartphone games. Communicating with friends in person will have some human emotions involved rather than communicating via chatting. Besides, smart phones have many other problem like child pornography,cyber bullying and many other under researched hamful effects . In conclusion cautious and limited use of cellphone by children under parental guidance in helpful to their future. time: took 29minutes and 2 sec
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