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  1. If I wanted to get a solid math background (I also enjoy it along with Econ) would it be just as beneficial to take a math major as well as grad Econ courses? Taking the honors theory sequence now and planning for first year PhD sequence in the fall of 2021. As long as I have sufficient math background and good grades in the grad courses that is the most I can do from an academic point of view correct?
  2. Okay thanks! I'll take a look.
  3. I've read a lot that people experience grad macro to be extremely conceptual and very foreign looking. I'm in undergrad currently and have taken macro and it also seems really conceptual. Where are the differences found in undergrad v. grad macro? We use Macroeconomics by Mankiw and have gotten to the point of just seeing the possibilities of DSGE models. Wondering how much more it could go into the weeds.
  4. I'm a rising sophomore so I have plenty of time. Just want to plan it out so I know which classes to take when. The first year math for economists course covers constrained optimization so Kuhn-Tucker, envelope theorem, etc. The professor for that class said that real analysis will be sufficient as a prerequisite but after looking over the syllabus and material, a lot looks foreign. Would the proof based LA and Calc III be a good foundation to have before taking that course? Real Analysis is in the fall and because of timing I wouldn't be able to take it until fall of 2021.
  5. Okay thank you. I'll look into trying to fit real analysis into my schedule at some point beforehand. By probability do you actually mean a probability class or something like math stats?
  6. So ultimately I want to take Grad Micro and Statistics while at undergrad and was wondering what math classes I would have to take beforehand in order to be best prepared for those two. Right now I'm planning to take honors sections of Calc III and Linear Algebra but I'm not sure what the rest will entail? Maybe some real analysis? Any abstract algebra? Thanks
  7. Okay thanks guy. Doing work and studying at home is a lot more difficult than it sounds and is VERY different from at a dorm room or library at an institution. Appreciate the feedback and thoughts.
  8. Hello, Some schools are making classes taken this semester pass/fail while others are giving the option to choose which classes. How will this look on a transcript to adcoms? If I'm taking honors classes and math courses to try and go onto graduate school, will this hurt me? Thanks
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