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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice. Will take it on board. Fingers crossed...
  2. Beginning Math camp in a few weeks. I spent a few years out of school, so I'm rusty on my Calc1-3 and Linear Algebra, although I'm starting to recap it now. My fear is about Real Analysis. If I get through Calc and Linear Algebra, then I plan to self-study Analysis. What's the best way to balance everything? I've been told two different ways of proceeding: 1) Carry on with Calc and LA, and self-study relevant RA as I go through the PhD. I.e. designate 1/2 hours in the evenings during the PhD to focus on Math. Will I have enough time on top of the existing material to do this? 2) Someone said do this course now instead of refreshing Calc and LA (which I can use Math camp for). However, will this course be too much for me? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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