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  1. Hi, I am looking at schools that have decision sciences groups, like Duke and GWU. But also, I am considering those that have "strategy" concentrations as they have research that focuses on decision making theory. I understand how difficult it will be to try to find someone who is doing research directly within what I have the most interest in (sports + decision theory), but I'm hoping that even within these methodology side departments, there are professors who focus more on application vs theory that I can connect with. I hope this better explains what I'm attempting to find a match with in terms of programs!
  2. Hi, I'm beginning to focus on applications for Fall 2021 and would really appreciate any insight! I'd love any advice on where I can improve my application/what programs to apply to. Thanks! Test Scores (GRE): 163Q, 158V ; retaking this again in a month - aiming for 167+Q Undergrad GPA: 3.3 (major GPA: 3.8); BS Econ/Math Graduate GPA: 3.5; MS Financial Engineering Research Experience: 1. decision theory research paper (submitting for publishing in 2 weeks with well-known professor in the field) 2. industry research for biggest bank in Europe where my strategies were implemented firm-wide 3. master’s thesis on optimizing factor-based investing strategy & building a model using Bloomberg Teaching Experience: N/A Work Experience: valuation analyst focusing on intellectual property at a litigation consulting firm - 1 year + various internships with banks Concentration Applying to: decision sciences/strategy Number of programs planned to apply to: ~10 Dream Schools: MIT, Duke, University of Michigan, Boston College, UCLA Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Working on research papers in school, specifically in my PhD level decision sciences class. I really want to be a professor so I know this is something I need to do. I’ve done almost all of my research papers on sports in uni so I want to continue to work within applicable strategic theory and model building in the same industry/field. The paper I wrote now has a model I built from scratch using Bayesian probability updating and forecasting focusing on the NFL. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I know my undergrad GPA isn’t great, but I put my major GPA to show that I did well in my major after I switched into it. I want to aim for a 167Q on my GRE. Also I recognize that there are probably a very tiny number of professors that do research on sports and decision theory, if any. I’ve been trying to be open minded when looking at research done at the schools, but I think that regardless I can fit in as there are professor’s who do focus more on applicable strategy versus just working on abstract theory. Any additional specific questions you may have: I’d really appreciate any advice or insight into where to aim in terms of schools as I don’t know anyone who applied to PhD programs so I am figuring it out on my own (first gen college student). I looked at the UT Dallas Ranking (is this the specific list everyone is referring to when they mention ranks??), but again I'm not too positive on where to aim. Thank you so so much in advance, any advice helps!
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