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  1. NWU Upenn and especially NYU are all good at these. Also consider Notre Dame and Rochester
  2. I think you do have a shot at these schools except for MIT Harvard Princeton Berkeley. Do not apply there unless there is a massive boost to your profile from now until then, it will just be a waste of application money. Try applying to lower top 10 like NWU NYU. I would suggest applying to some pre doc as well if you aim for the very best (top 5-7, those mentioned in your OP). Also I wouldnt retake GRE, it is already good enough.
  3. I think Australia/ Singapore universities might be easier to get in than at least half of the schools in your list. Furthermore most Europe uni have a strict cutoff wrt GPA. I was rejected by all Europe schools while getting into 2 top 20 US. Also imo it is better to go to the best uni in a country rather third rate uni in another (except for the US and maybe UK)
  4. I think your gpa might be a bit too low for those schools. They are all respected universities in Europe. Try something in Singapore/ Australia as well.
  5. Have you thought about applying straightly? It seems you are shoes in for top 10. Top 5 might be hard but you have chance
  6. There is no need to panic. They want you just as much as you want them.
  7. Are you from third world countries? Getting job at fed or even imf and wb are not as easy as you think (coming from developed countries)
  8. I think you should go to LSE. I would only take something like Wisconsin or Minnesota (top 15) over LSE
  9. How many people were at NWU visiting day? Did they invite wl people?
  10. Why not do Msc bocconi? It has good placement
  11. do you still have the "your application is still under review"?
  12. I think everyone is invited to the visiting day Tough year
  13. What you can do right now is try to talk to current students atl the schools so that you will be able to make a decision quickly once the wl results come out. Or ask schools that wl you whether you can come to visiting day. Perhaps you might even be able to make up your mind right now and take the offer.
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