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  1. Hi there, I am going to take my TOEFL exam in 5 days and I am pretty confident about my vocabulary, grammar etc. There is only one minor clue that scares me: My integrated essay is ALWAYS between 390 and 450 words long instead of the expected 175-225. The reason for this is that I always include as many details, examples and specific numbers I can remeber from the listening, which I just can not turn off since I remember them and therefore I want to use them. Will this affect my score? I am not sure since the directions say something about "summarizing important points". I do summarize the reading and keep that pretty short, but not the counterpart of the listening. I consider examples and exact details from the listening, which most often counter the reading, as very important. So again: Does anyone know if that may hurt my score? Thanks! Kindest regards
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