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  1. Utterly confused by what's going on this cycle - but I'm starting to make heads and tails of it. I'm still waiting to hear back from Boston University, Boston College, Northwestern, NYU, U of Texas-Austin, Columbia, Wisconsin and Michigan (lol). I wonder how many of these could be implicit wait-lists? Makes sense given that the distribution of offers is heavily weighted towards T5 candidates this year (as schools are eager not to over-offer positions). Seems like there will be much more activity in late-March/April than in previous years. Is this a hopeful take?
  2. OK looks like Wisconsin Boston University and NYU sent today - not a good sign for me. I'll see some of y'all again next year. Congratulations to everyone admitted!
  3. Also waiting on Northwestern, missed that one earlier. Interesting about Wisconsin - is this speculation based on grad cafe posts? Or is there another reason? Currently treating this as an implicit rejection .
  4. Also USC, UCLA, and NYU. Possibly a few waitlists from schools which released last week. Will be a quieter week (for me at least) before decisions from Boston College, Boston University and Texas next week.
  5. Funnily enough between when I posted this and now I received a letter - rejection with referral to MAPSS (which I assume everyone received). Be careful what you wish for, I suppose.
  6. Thanks for this and everyone's support. I find it odd how I have 10+ implicit rejections and haven't heard from Chicago Michigan etc. when they have sent out rejections (seemingly). Hopefully its a sign of being waitlisted? Or something.
  7. 4 implicit rejections in one day .... this is getting pretty rough. Currently 0a/8ir/2r/8p. Might be seeing this forum next year.
  8. I'll add to that list Columbia and Northwestern. Should be a big week, though its tough to judge - Yale and Chicago sent out earlier than usual but most other schools seem delayed.
  9. Who are we expecting to hear back from by the end of the week? I'd guess the remainder of Duke, Princeton, Harvard, possibly Wisconsin-Madison as well? Any other suggestions?
  10. Judging by previous year's UMD will be late February and UT Austin will be late February/early March. Edit: I read UMD as UWM for some reason. Edited to update.
  11. Thanks for that response! Don't know about sitting back and relaxing haha. Did you also apply to this program?
  12. Looks like UofM has completed their admissions for the econ phd. I applied to the public policy & econ joint PhD - does anyone know if this is treated differently? Based on previous years' results from Grad Cafe these applicants received acceptances/rejections a little later in the cycle so I'm inclined to think that it is.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that! I didn't apply for Penn State as they're notorious for emphasising mathematics grades and background. So its possible that you're a competitive applicant for higher ranked schools that are a little more open in their criteria. Hopefully that helps and good luck!
  14. Yeah struggling here as well. I'm yet to get an offer and am stressing out quite a bit. Struggling to keep my mind off of admissions decisions. One technique that's helping me is to only check emails once a day - this has restored some of my sanity but it takes quite a bit of self-control.
  15. Anyone have an update on Michigan? I've seen two rounds on GC of acceptances, but only a few acceptances in each round. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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