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  1. Not sure whether the metrics A+ will make up for the C in measure theory. If adcom is familiar with your MA program, it should be fine.
  2. One of the signals is confusing. How did you get C in measure theory but A+ in econometrics?
  3. Can anyone confirm the Stanford admit on gradcafe?
  4. Didn’t see anything on gradcafe though
  5. Do they send out rejections before offers?
  6. But no letter from current program raises questions, doesn’t it?
  7. It probably differs between different professors. However, you probably need at least one of your letters from them. So honesty would at least minimise the damage.
  8. If you are very sure you won't complete your PhD here, I guess it is always better to let them know earlier than later. Surely faculty members would like to keep their students, but it is not the end of the world for them to lose a (potential) advisee, especially for econ phd.
  9. I agree with tutonic and Cauchycomplete. In the marathon of life, two years is negligible. If you are targeting tenure track position in North America, I'd say getting into top 5/7 will make a huge difference.
  10. Will the cohort size return to normal this year? I heard the job market recruitment is getting back to normal so presumably the same for PhD admission.
  11. The only weakness of your application I can think of is that none of the letters indicates your research potential. So if your paper is of high quality, I don't see why you wouldn't land a top20 school.
  12. What is the current status of your paper? That could matter a lot.
  13. Not very sure, though I doubt the data to be complete.
  14. I didn't apply myself but a friend of mine did.
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