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  1. grad cafe is down boys (and girls) too much traffic lol
  2. Based on the results I've seen so far from Stanford, Yale and UChicago, looks like a pre-doc from top 5-10 really boosts your chances of scoring an admit, more so than a Q170 or a 4.0 GPA.
  3. Congrats Wahasky for getting into University of Chicago! :)
  4. Hey guys, As we all wait to hear from schools about our fate, I was wondering if there were any lesser-known econ-related Twitter accounts you guys follow/like. For e.g. an account which helped you through the PhD application process, or an account with econ knowledge related to a particular field, or a particular active econ professor (or celebrity) on Twitter you follow/like, or just some cool/funny econ Twitter accounts in general.
  5. Thanks, mate. Despite the bias stemming from the underlying GradCafe data, your R-shiny app is very informative!
  6. Wow. You all really brought me to the ground with the castigation. As far as money is concerned, I couldn't care less (I know people say it but I mean it). However, I think it's always sensible to compute the opportunity cost, which (for me) is pretty damn high. Not solely in terms of money, but in terms of research/career/personal-life/saving-the-world goals. Also, based on what I've shared, it's easy to think of me as a person looking for accreditation rather than knowledge. You haven't seen me sleeping on the library floors trying to learn economics, so I don't blame you. I agree with you guys. Research is what matters and should matter. The problem though (and I think all the erudite folks here know this) is that economics in U.S is extremely hierarchical and institutionalised. Even when you have a groundbreaking idea from not-so-reputated state college, the probability that it will get published in AER etc. over somebody with an average idea but from top5 college is quite low. The barriers to entry diminish significantly once you're at a top institution (and this disparity really sucks). I wish there was a way to change this (I would've change this if I could!) I'd love to hear counterarguments and your ways to better academia for economists. Also, if anybody is willing to read my S.O.P, let me know. Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback. So the gaping hole is the Master's university ranking... I'll try to explain this in the S.O.P as eloquently as possible. I mean, I'm currently making more than what an entry level professor makes at a top20-top50 university. So there's no point in applying if I don't get into top 5 (other than the fact that I genuinely love the subject and want to change the world *pls stop rolling your eyes*) Any thoughts on how I can improve this profile? Do another M.S/M.A from an Ivy/top5 (that'll be like burning money)? Maybe R.A and earn peanuts for 2 years? how to breach this academia paywall guys..
  8. Well, according to their website: The MS in Applied Economics degree provides students with an exceptional set of applied economic and econometric analytical tools that have demonstrated value in the marketplace. Graduates enjoy success as: Analysts in market research, insurance, healthcare, and in banking and finance. Positions with consulting firms as well as in public-sector planning and economic analysis organizations. Excellent preparation for further study in a PhD program. Over the last several years, we have placed graduates in PhD programs at Indiana, Vanderbilt, Oregon, Duke, University of Texas, Purdue University, and others Is this good or bad? Doesn't seem very good tbh. No top 5 here. Also, should I explain this in my SOP? I chose UC mainly cuz my sister lives in Cincinnati and helped me through college (living expenses, financial and emotional support etc.)
  9. Thanks! Good point on making the Math pop out. Letter writers can surely testify. See my edit. What do you think about the chances of getting into these schools (realistically)?
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