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  1. Intended as a reply to the post above: It was me, and wasn’t an error.
  2. They are, I got in. Can’t believe it.
  3. Oh I see, likely an ir then. Congrats man!
  4. Did someone receive a Chicago offer? Not sure if the two posts on GC are troll. I think they are but Chicago usually releases its offers around this time so...
  5. So UMN Applied Econ is out, do you know if this UMN Econ likely to be out soon? (based on past years)
  6. Agree. What's wrong with these trolls?
  7. Great! Thanks for your reply (gotta say I'm a bit scared given all the claims of the sizeable increase in applications, though)
  8. Hi! Do any of you still have your scores "Awaiting" at Chicago Booth? We are past 4-weeks since deadline and they still haven't received/matched my scores.
  9. Thanks! I submitted my scores on 10/30, my application on 12/14 and still nothing. Did you add the department code (1801)? I did, no idea if it makes any difference whatsoever.
  10. I have Booth and Yale awaiting and also sent the scores a while ago. Anyone alse on the same boat with Yale?
  11. All people from my school that apply do it, most do well (some incredibly well). Not saying this implies it should be done but I'd say it's not a big deal whatsoever.
  12. Hi you all! I'm applying this cycle and have a couple of questions regarding the writing sample: 1) Is it frowned upon to send a co-authored writing sample? I wrote an M.A. thesis that later developed into a joint paper with my former advisor. I could send the "thesis version" which is entirely written by me, but it's notoriously less polished and has just the main results so in terms of quality it would be clearly better to send the working paper version (though I should say we haven't released it publicly yet, as it still needs more work). Among the ~15 programs I'm applying to, only one states explicitly that the WS should be solo-authored. 2) Should I send the WS to programs in which it is optional to do so? Specially if it's better not to send the coauthored version, I'm not particularly proud of my thesis to be honest. It's a reasonably well written piece but the results are not really groundbreaking whatsoever (it's a theory paper btw). If it helps, I have a strong profile and should be aiming at the top 10 with a reasonable chance at the top 5 (on a regular year, at least, no idea how things will work out with covid and all). Thanks in advance!
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