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  1. I've been waitlisted at 3 schools so I feel you. I feel like I should come up with a ranking of the schools, but since we don't get to meet the other 'admitted' students or current students, it's pretty hard.
  2. I'm not sure whether Booth is going to continue rolling out interviews -they said they'll have final decisions around two weeks from now. And the idea that interviews add nothing is interesting - I personally do not think any of mine helped, but if I were hiring students I'd probably at least check to make sure they weren't a psychopath.
  3. I interviewed with them last week but haven't heard back about a decision yet. Seems like Stanford OB (at least for micro) sent out offers without an interview... is this normal? Seems kind of weird to offer someone a 5-year position before meeting them lol.
  4. I follow Ben Golub and Scott Kominers!
  5. Haven't heard back from Marshall OB and their deadline was super late, so I wouldn't worry yet.
  6. Anyone one else interviewing at UCLA Anderson? Would love to compare notes with someone (PM might be better).
  7. Adding to the 'has anyone heard back' questions: Booth Behavioral Science and Stanford OB.
  8. When you say all HBS interviews went out, is that only for economics? Or for all tracks?
  9. Is it just an unspoken rule that a 'conversation' or 'chat' means 'interview'?
  10. That's good to know about Booth, thanks. And good luck on your interview!
  11. plzletmein

    Next to?

    I think if they wanted to specify H coming immediately after G, they would have said 'immediately after' or 'immediately to the right' rather than 'next to'. It's also not that interesting of a problem if they fix 2 of the letters, since then the problem reduces to 'how many ways can we arrange I, J, K'. Solution (which you probably don't need): You have 2 possible positions for H (start and end) and 1 possible position for G. For I, J, K they have 3! possible arrangements among the last 3 spots. My guess is that the answer is 2 * 3! = 12.
  12. I imagine faculty opening this application and hearing angels sing.
  13. I wouldn't lose hope! I got really discouraged when someone posted about completing a Haas MORS interview early on, but I still got an invite a couple days later.
  14. Yeah, I agree about Marshall. I think the HBS posts are legit (although I think you can still get interviews with faculty without having gotten the first-round with admin, so don't lose hope). Not sure about Haas, although it seems like they do indeed move quickly based on past years, so that's a bit of a bummer.
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