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  1. Thank you. I was actually enquiring for the Marketing program.
  2. Hi! Is anyone aware if UNC Chapel Hill has released offers?
  3. Still waiting. Also waiting for Texas A&M.
  4. Hi! Anyone who has interviewed with Texas A&M for marketing?
  5. Hey! I interviewed for the quant track. Are you planning on accepting the offer?
  6. Houston. Very eagerly waiting for them. Had my interview on 19th Jan. I am kind of worried if they have already extended offers. People tend to not (for some weird reason) post on GC as and when offers/results come. They wake up one fine day and decide to post everything all at once.
  7. The wait after interviews is crazy and excruciatingly painful. How soon after the interview should i expect to hear back? I keep getting this feeling that I let go of the opportunities and bombed all my interviews. :crushed:
  8. Didnt see anything on GC though? For ASU.
  9. Marketing (Quant) :Anyone heard back from - UNC, Carlson, Georgia State, ASU?
  10. Hi! Has anyone heard back from Texas A&M for marketing (quant) ?
  11. Thank you. This definitely helps. Although I am not sure how i feel about the Ross Interview invites and the one IU interview invite on GC. Don't know if the invites all come on a single day or are spaced out. So it's more of a waiting game at this point.
  12. Applied to 16 unis. University of Houston University of Wisconsin UT Austin, UT Dallas, TAMU , Kelloggs, USC Marshall, UMD, BU, IU, Michigan Ross, UNC, ASU, Cincinnati, Georgia State, University of Minnesota Thats a lot. I have realised it for the 100th time now. Interviews - 2 Acceptance - 0 Rejection - 0
  13. I am really confused. Are the universities moving exceptionally slow this year or this is the standard timeline. There's hardly any movement in marketing. Starting to worry a bit now.
  14. Haven't heard anything for marketing either from these places.
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