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  1. My sense is that Berkeley is great at labor, NW is great at mechanism design & development, everything at Yale will be structural. Not easy to pick a winner from these three. Not so sure about Booth.
  2. Does anyone know if interview is necessary for Columbia this year? Seems weird compare to previous years
  3. Got rejected and surprised by Yale's result. Just hope that other schools can give out their results quicker
  4. German Unis, especially Bonn, but also Mannheim have great records in placing their students to top Econ programs. Just look at faculty list of top 7 schools and there are usually a handful of people from Bonn or Mannheim, in each school. Your profs should have some decent idea on what to do
  5. Thanks for the insights! I also think that it's the demand side which makes the situation this year unpredictable. Finger crossed for all applicants!
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows if the number of application increase or decrease this year?
  7. Went to the same school as where alphatrunk works (from info of the screenshot), I can confirm what he/she described regarding coursework preparation for predocs and domestic students to be accurate. However, acceptance of predocs are more about fit than coursework preparations, or other factors typically considered for grad application. It is entire possible for one to get rejected anywhere from predocs but get into top 5 PhD programs, or the other way around
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