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  1. Hi if you got accepted to UMich Strategy can you DM me please? Trying to figure out whether to move forward with my offers or keep waiting - thanks :)
  2. Has anyone heard back from U of Michigan strategy? I interviewed but have not heard back yet
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that, but just know you're not alone! I've gotten I think 4 rejections so far in the past couple weeks and been waitlisted at 2, and some are more disappointing than others for sure. This whole process can be quite emotional -- you're literally putting yourself and your ideas out there and asking people to accept you. I'm trying to take my own advice that this year is insanely competitive and picking 1 person over another can be kinda random sometimes. Don't lose hope - you could still get offers soon!
  4. Hi all - hope everyone's doing ok in this cycle so far! Has anyone else been waitlisted so far? Not sure how to interpret this outcome
  5. Congrats! I interviewed with 5 management programs so far (so maybe this is only relevant to management). Every interview was slightly different, but for the most part they focused on asking questions about my research interests/ideas. Here's a list of some questions: 1. Tell me about yourself 2. Could you talk about your current research project (I'm a research assistant right now) 3. Could you explain your research interests in X? Why are you interested in X? (and I got a lot of follow-up questions specific to my interests that wouldn't be helpful to list here) 4. Why do you want to come to this school/program? 5. What methodologies are you interested in using?
  6. UMich Ross also sent out strategy invites on monday as well
  7. no haven't heard anything yet! Based on previous years, it's still early for some of these schools, so I wouldn't worry too much
  8. hbs sent out interview invites - not sure if this is for all programs or not
  9. I got it Dec 18, I don't know about others
  10. they did this for everyone i'm pretty sure! I think they mentioned that in the email
  11. fyi heard that HBS sent out OB interview invites yesterday or day before
  12. has anyone heard yet from berkeley haas? based on past years I think they start sending out interview invites now ish
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