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  1. Math grades are way overblown on this forum. I know people who got far worse grades than A- in analysis (or easier courses) and still got into top 10 programs. Your grades are perfectly in line to get into a T30, at this point it's much more about your research ability/experience
  2. Very bad idea to transfer in this situation. Purdue will set you up in a great place
  3. I need some waitlists to start moving! It feels like it's going at a glacial pace right now.
  4. Stipend is not very important unless you're choosing between no funding and some funding, in which case it is important.
  5. Why are you married to a top 5 program? Your outcomes at some school just outside the top 5 (say Northwestern) will be pretty much identical to your outcomes at a school just inside the top 5 (say Princeton).
  6. Are your interests theoretical micro/metrics or are you planning empirical work? I think from your post it seems like you prefer theory, but if you're actually more of an applied person you've already taken sufficient courses and now the most important part will be your letters, in my opinion. On the other hand, for theory, those courses you listed would be more relevant. My sense is that measure theoretic probability would be the most directly relevant to metrics theory. I was also initially going to suggest grad topology, but that seems like it would be a bit overkill given that you've done undergrad topology already. Others should jump in with their two cents since I'm not a theory person, but it seems like you're on a great path towards a strong graduate program!
  7. That's great to hear, I hope they do make some movements around that time!
  8. It will highly concentrated near April 15th. That day will be the busiest for waitlists I would guess
  9. Berkeley's placements are considerably stronger than HKS's, so I'd lean Berkeley. Edit: But it's also hard to say no to Harvard's network, especially if you're interested in non-academic jobs as you mention in your post. So this is a very tough decision indeed, but a good one to have to make!
  10. Don't think it's an IR, they've been reaching out to people to ask if they're still interested so that makes me think there will be more acceptances.
  11. I don't think it's crazy if you have a strictly dominating offer. But if you're not 100% sure about the research compatibility, I would just do the interview. You will likely be able to get a better sense during the interview
  12. I only know about Harris, but Harris is a lot harder to get into than a T30-T40 econ place. I know a few students who got into many T20 places and were rejected at Harris
  13. OP it sounds like you've already made your mind up about reapplying, why did you even post this?
  14. While I don't doubt that going to a top 5 school has its benefits, isn't Heckman's paper about the top 5 journals not the top 5 schools? In any case, being the top student at a top 15 school is likely better than being at median/below median at a top 5 school because the department will place more emphasis on placing you well. I'd also be very wary about assuming next year's admissions will be any easier than this year's admissions.
  15. Yeah, Harvard accepting a smaller class this year is going to have a trickle-down effect. Not good
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