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  1. Oh Im international asian btw
  2. Profile: Undergrad University: Strong Engineering School, Public, in Indiana (haha I gave all info needed): Top 40ish Econ top 20~30ish for math/stat Undergrad Major: Math/Stat, Econ minor Undergrad GPA: 4.0 GRE: Q 169 / V 154 / AWA 4.0 Econ Courses Intermediate Microeconomics (A), Econometrics (A), International Trade (A+), micro and macro basic courses with A Math Course Cal1~3 (A+) , Linear Algebra I (A+), Prob Theory (A), Foundations Analysis (In Progress: assume A), Linear II Proof Based (in progress: assume A), Intro Discrete Math (in progress: assume A) Research Experience short term summer experience with Trade professor, Fall 2021 part-time paid RA for applied micro professor Recommendation getting 1 from foundations analysis professor, 1 from RA+Econometrics Prof, 1 unknown (maybe the summer econ prof or international trade prof or others): I assume the letter from whom I am RAing for would be quite strong Research Interests Applied micro (Trade, Dev) or International Macro I am applying both to a lot of Ph.D. programs (for now |25|ish lol) and MA programs (Duke, Chicago, BU, Yale for master's). I initially thought of just applying to master's programs, but professors convinced me to apply to phd programs too. However, I am getting so many mixed messages, from "apply to top schools too" to "apply to top 25~50 schools." They all say Maryland is a doable level, which I don't think many here in URCH would agree... I am going to take honors thesis and more math/stat courses next semester, but that doesn't matter at all since I am applying this cycle (for now). Please help me deciding which schools I should apply to (please give specific names of schools, rankings, and strong fields), and give your opinions which school is "realistic" for me in some sense. Also, please give me your opinions on: 1. Should I just stay at Purdue for another year and make Math/Stat/Econ Honors major? I am inclined to do that if it holds any merit (I did all above in 1.5 years cuz I was a whole other major, so I do think I could be a better candidate in the next cycle if I take more math and phd econ courses) 2. Master's VS. TOP50 school? Cost is accounted for, but not as much. I wanna know how big a bump it would be realistically. 3. If (2) is "go for top 50", is it realistic to transfer/reapply&get accepted to better programs (like top 20) if I excel there? I was told that it was quite common decades ago, donno if it is still the case these days. 4. Is this cycle gonna be normal or as hard as the last one? REALISTIC advices please. Thanx in advance everyone.
  3. Overall, I would like to also focus on doing a master's. What do you guys think about doing a master's in stat? Or should I do MAE at Duke? Or not at all? Not at all option is not the best one for me since it seems harder for me to get research jobs outside of school, and I think it is better to do Purdue's research jobs with a "student" status. Maybe it is cuz I am an international. BTW, I am an international. This might make a lot of difference in all of your opinions.
  4. Thank you so much for an encouraging comment, @econliker. Yes, I do prefer to stay since I am already well settled, but I wanted to increase my chances by doing what I can at the moment.
  5. Thank you! What do you think about doing a masters?
  6. Thank you so much, @rtj! I agree with you on the financial matter. Yes, I will be joining labs and am doing research as well as acing the courses. Actually, this was why I thought maybe I can do well in better schools, and further increase my chances of getting into prestigious programs.
  7. Thank you for your reply! I just want to ask some follow-up questions if I may. 1. What do you mean by "too late"? Yes, some schools do not accept juniors or seniors as a transfer student, but Brown and Cornell do not seem to care about this too much. Or, do you mean "too late" as in "waste of time and money"? Also, why would I not have the same connection with professors? Is it not likely for me to gain good relationships with professors if I join as a transfer student? 2. Why do you think I would be better off getting straight A's than transferring and getting straight A's? 3. Yeah I would prefer doing a pre-doc, but the odds don't seem to be with me, so I am thinking of a master's in statistics at Purdue. Do you think this would be better for me than transferring? How about the plan in general-do you think this would help me?
  8. Hello All, I hope this post could interest some of you. I would like to get some insight into the matter of transferring undergrad institution. To briefly provide my background: My goal: get into the best possible Ph.D. in economics program (>=T30) My current institution and My current plan: get BS in Math/Stat + Econ minor (Purdue, Math/Stat>T30, Econ T40ish), and get MS in Stat in the same institution (all completed in 3 years from now). If I transfer: (if I get in) Brown, Cornell, Umichigan, Claremont McKenna (T10 LAC) ECON or Math/Stat or both (I only can apply to these institutions because I will be transferring in Spring 2022) If I transfer, I plan to just complete my BS and apply to ECON PHD programs, and the cost would be roughly +$100,000 from my original plan (completion estimated time would be 2.5 years from now - half year decrease from my original plan). So, I would like to ask you all if I should transfer (of course, given that I get in) to those institutions or not. If I do transfer, I would be able to take more courses as undergrad since I will have completed quite a lot of math/econ courses at Purdue. I question is focused on "would transferring worth it (better chance in getting into better program & given the cost)?" I "can" afford the additional cost, but it would be quite a burden for my parents of course. Please provide me with some insight into this matter. I would appreciate any comments on this. I hope I could be able to make the decision based on your comments. Thank you. ++ Just to add, I would also like to know some thoughts on Duke MAE. So, if I were to pursue Duke MAE after graduating Purdue (BS Math/Stat + Econ Minor), it would take 3 years from now to complete it, and it would be roughly +$150,000 from the original plan. Does anyone think this might be the best option among the three (stay at Purdue and do MS Stat OR Transfer (no MS) OR Purdue+Duke MAE)? I know I kinda rambled on, but please help me out. Thank you, all.
  9. Hi all, I want some opinions on getting MS in Statistics before applying to Econ PhDs. My plan is to pursue MS in Statistics, specifically either a "MS in Applied Statistics/Data Science in Finance" or just "MS in Applied Statistics." I do have an option to pursue "MS in Mathematical Statistics," but I was told that almost no one studies this here at my school (yeah people want to get jobs after this program). I am not considering the MS in Economics here at my school because we only have online version of it. Also, our Stat department is stronger than Econ (T20s vs T50s). So, given that I have an undergrad profile that makes me a quite strong candidate in T30~40s (like top GPA in Econ, Math&Stat minor, top GRE, etc.), by how much do you think my chances will improve in getting into higher Econ PhD programs by getting an MS from one of those programs? Of course, given that I do well (like >3.8/4.0) and do some research with Econ professors on the side. Also, which of the two~three options should I choose? Just to further elaborate on my choice of MS program, I do not want to spend a fortune in other MS programs in Europe or Private Top universities, and I have a strong shot of getting a funding here.
  10. What do you guys think of the difficulty of getting an admission from these schools is like? Say, if I can make it to a Econ PhD at T30~40, is it safe for me to assume that I have a strong shot at those schools? Just want some realistic opinions. Thanx
  11. Thanks for the reality @rtj. Maybe I should look into other 20~50 programs + PPs and AREs.
  12. Wow thanks! That is a very good piece of advice. Just out of curiosity, which has not really much to do with the original post, what do you think about Griffin VS Booth VS Harris in terms of getting admission? I am also thinking about Harris and other PP programs, and want to know your and others' thoughts. Let me also include Berkeley ARE. Wanna know if I have better shots at both Harris and Berkeley than other T20 schools.
  13. Thank you! You mean NWU, Michigan, and Wisconsin, all of them right? Also, do you mean you are applying for Fall 2022 or applying to be in a committee?
  14. Hello all wise men, I am in a desperate need of advice to calm myself and view this matter realistically, not with a too pessimistic nor too positive attitude. Also, please let me ask various and personal questions I have about Econ Phd admissions. To give you some background, I am a Purdue University (flagship, 50s National Ranking, 40s Econ Ranking, 20s Math and Stat ranking) undergrad in Economics Honors with Math and Stat minors. So, I will be completing Calc1~3, Linear Alge, Diff Eq, Foundations Analysis, Probability, Regression Analysis, Quality Control, Experiment Designs, as well as Econometrics, Trade, Micro Macro Theories, IO, Game Theory, Banking. My GPA is 4.0/4.0 for now, and I believe I can make it at least 3.9 by the time I apply and I graduate. I am also an RA to renowned professors here, and will be doing some TA and RA works at the department starting Summer 2021. So, I will get a lot of experience in Stata and may get decent LORs from top faculties who studied in universities like Michigan, Oxford, Stanford, etc. I will applying this year. Also, I am an international. I transferred to Purdue to study Flying, but ended up in Economics because of both my personal interest and COVID's detrimental impacts on Aviation Industry. I did not have enough money and time to transfer again to another prestigious university/college. I want to study Trade and Development. Here are my concerns: 1. The name of Purdue as an undergrad in this elitist world. 2. The timing of courses; I will be taking Diff Eq, Senior Honors Thesis, Probability, and some Stat courses and Econ courses during Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. I believe this means the performance in these courses will not be counted toward my admissions. Please let me know what this actually means in real world admissions. 3. Poor performance in prior university: I took some electives in a foreign university (quite good actually) for a year before I transferred. There I got 27 credits and GPA was about 3.2/4.0. How is this going to play out? I am planning to apply for the following universities due to my personal reasons (I want to go somewhere that is not too far from here): (1) Northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin (2) OSU, Wash U (3) Purdue (Including AGEC), Notre Dame, UIUC, MSU What do you think my chances are at these universities? Also, I want some advice on AGEC. One of my plans is to pursue a AGEC Master's here and proceed to AGEC programs in places like Berkeley, Davis, and Maryland. How is this compared to the Econ PhD admissions? Better shot? AGEC vs ECON in real world academia? Would AGEC Master's with thesis be an advantage to ECON PhD admissions if I try once more after the Master's? Thanks for reading this long story+questions. Please help me out. I would appreciate any advice and opinions. Thank you.
  15. Hi all, I am a concerned undergrad who is looking for some brutal and honest opinions on my records regarding admissions to the following schools: - Northwestern - Umich - Wisconsin - U of Chicago - Berkeley ARE My biggest concerns are my undergrad's ranking, timing of some of the courses, and the fact that I am an international, but I might get a green card by the time I apply. I am planning to take some of the math courses and the senior thesis after or during the application period. Also I have a bad record (around 3.2/4.0) worth 25 credits from the former institution I briefly attended in a foreign country 5 years ago. Hope you can help me out. Thanx Type of Undergrad: Purdue University Econ Honors + MA STAT minors Undergrad GPA: 3.9/4.0 GRE: 168 Q 160 V 5.0 W Math Courses: (MA) Calc 1~3, Linear Algebra, Diff Eq, Foundations Analysis, Probability // (STAT) Applied Regression Analysis, Quality Control, Design of Experiments Econ Courses: Econometrics, Micro, Macro, Game Theory, IO, Banking, International Trade Letters of Recommendation: possibly from the Dean (UMich), professors in lab and courses (Stanford, Oxford, UMich, Berkeley) Research Experience: Personal RA to professors, ECON department RA to lab/institution, Honors Thesis Teaching Experience: ECON department TA for Econometrics, International Trade Research Interests: International Economics, Trade, Macro
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