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  1. Is there any indication of how big the UCSD waitlist is? When do you all think we can expect to see some activity there?
  2. Still waiting as well! I imagine it should be coming in some time today.
  3. Still haven't heard from UCSD. So weird!
  4. I was invited. Are all waitlisted candidates invited to visit day?
  5. Haven't heard from UCSD or UC Davis either. I am also assuming they have put us on an implicit waitlist and are waiting to see what their yield is like. I just hope they let us know soon.
  6. Let us know what they say in response to your email!
  7. Cornell and UCSD are yet to send out any WLs or rejections, so I assume they're not done yet!
  8. Still haven't heard from Northwestern. Based on last year's cycle, I wonder if this is an implicit WL.
  9. Seems like it unfortunately. Perhaps they're imagining a very small cohort size and want to make sure the candidates they give offers to are good fits.
  10. Anybody know what is happening with LSE? Have all offers been sent out?
  11. Also waitlisted. Do you know if they rank applicants on the waitlist or what the chances of getting off the waitlist are? Confused about this. Also unsure how to demonstrate to them that I am interested in the program.
  12. Do people know what's going on with LSE? There are very few acceptances on GC compared to last year. Do we think they're done sending out offers? Super bummed since it was my dream program/
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