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  1. Undergraduate - Top 5 Australian econ school Field : Major in Economics and Finance Undergraduate G.P.A - 6.97/7, university medal Economics courses (Undergrad) : Intro, Intermediate and Honours Level Micro and Macro - all 7s. Micro Policy (7), Macro Policy (7), Intro Metrics (7), Intermediate Metrics (7), Mathematical Economics (6) Maths courses (Undergrad): Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra 1, Advanced Multivariate Calculus and Ord Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis and Advanced Topics, Calc and Linear Algebra 2, Mathematical Probability, Applied Mathematical Analysis, Statistical Modelling - All 7s GRE: 169 Q LORS : 2 from thesis supervisors and 1 from summer RA at ANU. Advisors should be strong. Applying to : US top 20, Oxbridge and LSE. Top ARE programs Research/Teaching : Corporate Finance TA during uni. Honours thesis awarded undergraduate thesis prize. Concerns : Not too much guidance online regarding Australian applicants. How much would the 6 in math econ hurt me? Looking for : Looking to apply in the cycle at the end of 2022, is there any benefit to additional maths courses? Curious to gain some perspective on the range I should target and competitiveness for ARE programs as well. Any help would be much appreciated.
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