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  1. I will look up your suggestions. I recognize some of my grades can raise eyebrows at the top places. All but 1 of my B+/ B grades were taken during the COVID period. I was severely affected by it. My grades before and post-COVID paint a more consistent picture (3.8+ GPA). I will specify these details in SOP and I'd be happy with tier 1.5 schools. Thanks for pointing it out nevertheless. Out of curiosity, where did you eventually pursue your PhD? Did you eventually pursue a masters?
  2. Hi Zshfryoh1, In your opinion and experience, which schools do you think are strong in mechanism design (for both econs/ B-schools)? Also, since you have an interest in (empirical) microstructure, which schools (in US) do you think are strong in (general) microstructure? A few B-schools come to mind - NYU, MIT, Stanford GSB, Berkeley, Maryland, Columbia’s DRO, Cornell but these are top schools. Might there be any less competitive programs? Thanks
  3. Hi Zshfryoh1, Thanks for your suggestion. Would you be able to suggest other OR/ MS/ Decision Sciences department that has researchers working on financial market microstructure [theory]? I have been looking for a long time, but I only identified Columbia's DRO. I would love to apply to lower ranked programs, if they work on microstructure theory but really seems limited :\
  4. Hey Tutonic, thanks for reaching out! I had a look at past profiles & results for students who did their undergrad in Singapore before pursuing an econ PhD in US. There was only one person (who went to MSU). Question: is taking TOEFL essential? Only some schools require TOEFL from students who studied in Singapore - Cornell for e.g. Does taking TOEFL increase my chances for funding - because a good TOEFL score suggests I am suitable for TA?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I’m from the National University of Singapore. The GRE quant is indeed an eye sore… i’ll be retaking it
  6. Hi, I'm applying to PhD economics programs for Fall 2022 entry and would like to receive some evaluation. Should I be more realistic with my chances and apply to lower ranking schools or do I have a decent shot with the top 15? I come from an applied math background but want to switch to econ/ finance departments. More on my research interests below. Profile: Undergraduate school: National University of Singapore Undergraduate Major: Quantitative Finance Undergraduate Minor: Statistics GPA: 3.72/4.00 in US standards GRE: Q 163, V 158 Messed up GRE Quant here... disappointing. Retaking it as I know I can do better. Math classes : Analysis 1 & 2 (A), Ordinary Differential Equations (A), Graduate Stochastic Analysis (A), currently taking a PhD class in Measure-Theoretic Probability, and then there's those fundamental classes like calculus, linear algebra, multivariable calculus (A/A- in them). I got B+ and B for numerical analysis and machine learning. Econ classes: PhD Continuous Time Financial Economics (A-), game theory (A-), Mathematical Finance 1/2 (A, B+) Statistics classes: Probability (A-), Mathematical Statistics (A-), Stochastic Processes (B+ but I exercised the P/NP option), Regression Analysis (B) All but one of the B+, B classes were taken during the COVID outbreak and I was affected by it so I couldn't focus as well. I am explaining this in my SOP. Research experience: 3 projects - One is related to financial market microstructure (uses stochastic control, Bayesian learning) and we plan to publish it in a top MS/OR journal; another bore no substantial fruit because someone published the idea in JFE; last project is my undergrad thesis on automated market makers (Fintech). My thesis centers on stochastic control and machine learning. LORs: I'm getting letters from the 3 people I researched with mentioned above. One is writing me a strong letter, is a finance professor with an OR background. The other 2 are math professors who afaik, are only connected to Columbia IEOR, for the States. Research Interest: Honestly, I'm most interested in financial market microstructure theory at the moment. However, it intersects with mechanism design (market design, auction theory, IO alike), which is why I'm considering the econ program. I like studying mechanisms/ systems, with an engineering flavor hence the interest in microstructure/ mechanism design. However based on what you have read so far, is it obvious to you that my profile fits a business PhD better than an econ PhD? Teaching Experience: Tutored 3 high schoolers math and they all got As. For economics schools, I'm considering those that are strong in micro theory/ market design. Stanford, Princeton, Northwestern, Columbia, NYU. I probably missed out some schools within the top 15 region that are strong in these area. May you suggest some schools to look at? What about Duke, UCLA, Michigan, UPenn, Maryland, NYU, UCSD, CMU, Cornell? For business schools - Stanford GSB, Columbia, Toronto Rotman. Thanks :)
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