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  1. ISSUE ESSAY WRITING #6 Creativity should be used as the only true measure of intelligence What does come to your mind when you hear the word ‘CREATIVITY’? the art of curating ideas, inventing new ways out etc. The talent of creativity is one of the most underrated and neglected criterions of human intelligence in today’s generation. In this fast-pacing life of humans, people generally consider Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to be the most suitable criteria to measure one’s intelligence. And in doing so, they are forgetting to include the art of creativity which plays a crucial role in making us who we are as Humans. IQ might score us on how smart are we in learning, grasping and understanding things but it fails to inculcate the creative talent that is present inside the human brain. Creativity helps a person to grow out the best version of themselves. For a fact, two people may have the same IQ but they may not have the same creativity. It’s a subjective field where everyone has its own individuality and can do wonders with their art of creativity. Most of the top MNCs candidates look for this hidden talent in disguise at the time of hiring as it would help their organization not only grow but stand out different amongst the crowd. Such capable candidates with creative acumen are in huge demand currently and thus should be considered as one of the most important criterions to measure intelligence. Intelligence is not only restricted that how a person uses his/her brain to process and work out problems in difficult scenarios or to solve the situation but it is also about a person can deal with the idea of bringing out unique ways to solve the situation. The biggest example of creativity rising at its peak is the emergence of new startups in this golden era of digitization. The founder of these startups like PayTM, WhatsApp, Zomato, Uber, etc. who are now big MNCs came up with their new idea of helping the public in the most innovative way thereby making everyone lives easier. The idea of making banking online friendly and safe, the idea of getting our food delivered at our doorstep, the idea of hiring a cab within moments rather than waiting for a taxi are all such great inventions which has made our lives much easier and approachable. These ideas are nothing but the art of creativity which is being instilled in every human being. One just needs to find it and embrace the disguised talent of creativity. Rather than underestimating the talent of creativity, one should welcome it and consider this to be one of most important criterions to measure intelligence as it is rightly said for a fact that intelligence is not only a measure of how one smart is but how one can use their creativity to come out a best version of themselves at last.
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