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  1. hi guys, i am also giving otr this month in another 2 weeks. any tips pls.
  2. vislav

    TSE on 16th apl

    hi 001, I haven't really thought abt it yet. I will have to start my pre-screening work only after my TSE. anyway my email id is visalicmouli@yahoo.co.in
  3. vislav

    TSE on 16th apl

    hi 001, I am also an Occupational therapist. I am also appearing for the Apl 16 TSE exam in Boston. where are you located? When r u taking your OTR exam.
  4. vislav

    TSE in April

    hi guys, I am also apearing for Apl 16 TSE exam. I am very nervous as I don't have any materials with me. Could u pls help me out with this. my email id is visalicmouli@yahoo.co.in
  5. vislav

    Need 200 Help

    hi, I need help. I practiced PP twice and my range is around 193 - 243. Is PP really useful. will I get same type of questions in my real test and will my score be the equivalent to this or I heard people say that we generally performs better than PP.Is that true. Pls let me know.
  6. good job!!!!!!:tup: I am giving my TOEFL next week. I prepared from Cliff's guide and my score seems to be better. But I am not sure if I could score in my real test. need some advice from u guys.thanks.
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