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  1. Can anyone share details of the offer that Wisconsin has made to people this year?
  2. Does anyone know about the probability of getting an offer from Penn if you received the “dominating offers?” email last week but haven’t gotten an offer yet, like others have? I’m thinking it might be a waitlist situation? Any insight at all would be really great
  3. Can anyone confirm Penn admit on gc?
  4. IR from NYU then do you all think?
  5. I got the email from Penn as well, wondering the same. Also, does anyone know if the funding situation at Penn has changed from last year (when they didn’t fund anyone)?
  6. Definitely a respectable take!
  7. 1-2: Harvard, MIT 3-6: Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Chicago 7-11: Northwestern, Berkeley, Columbia, NYU, Penn 12-17: UCLA, Wisconsin, Cornell, Brown, Michigan, Minnesota
  8. Who are we looking for this week? NYU, Duke, others?
  9. Lots of Texas rejections on gc now, do the other in review folks feel pretty good about it now?
  10. I got the same email you did
  11. What school is this for? I haven’t heard of this being a thing
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