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  1. Thank you for the comment. I'm interested in public & labor economics. Per taking courses, this is my last semester so I only have a room for one more technical class. If so, should I just carry on with Analysis II? It's on Lebesgue measure & multivariate functions and I'm quite intimidated by the fact that most of the students are pure math majors...
  2. Undergrad: US, T5 in Economics GPA: 3.38 Courses: Analysis I (B+), Linear Algebra I-II (B/B+), Probability (A-), Multivariable Calculus (A), Econometrics I-II (B+/A-), Advanced Macro (B+), Intermed Micro (A) Currently taking: Honor thesis, Analysis II Potential LOR: Senior professor whom I did RA last semester, honor thesis professor (world renowned), professor whom I'd work for as predoc There are few questions that I've struggled with myself in past months, but there was no one around me to tell how I'm faring: 1) Is my quantitative skill simply not good enough for PhD? I do envision myself loving and studying economics, but that is a different question from whether I'm capable of it. 2) Which school should I target? (Given I'll have a decent predoc experience) 3) Should I continue taking Analysis II to make up for B+ in Analysis I? (Still have some time to drop) Or should I not risk a bigger downfall? Looking forward to some sincere advices. Thanks!
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