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  1. Yeah, I'll take it depending on how I do in linear and discrete. They're online classes, so they're easy As, but real could be a whole different level. I'm also looking to apply for these programs this year, so unless I decide to apply again next year, the admissions committees won't see my real and discrete classes. However, I would apply to a broader range of schools the second time around, as the ones that I'm applying to now are my top choices.
  2. I am an aspiring academic with a dream of becoming an economics professor at a liberal arts college. My research interests are mainly political economy focused, although international development and growth theory are very interesting as well. I am also interested in learning more heterodox theories (especially post-Keynesian), as I found my neoclassical training a bit incomplete. I am looking at applying to UMass Amherst, the New School of Social Research and American this year, and some others next year (after I re-take my GRE). Below is my profile, and I would appreciate any recommendations on how to improve. Undergrad: Top 40 liberal arts college in CA Undergrad GPA in Econ: 3.55 (mix of A-'s and B+'s in coursework, but took every class this one professor who I like (he will write a LOR) a lot offered and got A-'s) Undergrad Math: Calc I: B-, Calc II: C+, Calc III: C+ (I know this is a disaster, and I retook or am retaking math classes at UC Extensions currently (see below)) Grad School: JHU SAIS MIEF Program Grad GPA: 3.4 (I know this is low, but it was a one year program and I got a C in an International Finance class that really brought my GPA down. I do have an upward trajectory with my GPA and econometrics classes, however) RA Work: Internships at economic policy think tanks, the Council of Economic Advisers and RA work for a political economy professor in undergrad. RA for professor in grad school for a few months. Since leaving grad school, I worked for the IMF as an RA for a year, a think tank for 6 months and the BLS for 6 months as well. Currently looking for work in something more qualitative and big-picture that involves strategic thinking. Published Work: None, although master's theses received an A GRE: 161 V, 163 Q, 5.5 A Current Coursework: Calc II through UCLA Extension (A) (Summer 2022), Calc III at UCSD Extension (ongoing), Linear Algebra (Winter 2022), Discrete Math (Spring 2022), more? I want to prove to admissions committees that I am serious about knowing the math well enough, so I am taking extension courses to fix my past mistakes. Another thing to note is that I was dealing with mental health issues in college, to the point where I was hospitalized for 3 days, and that negatively affected my performance to some extent. I'm not using it as an excuse, just saying that it was a factor. I don't know if I should mention this in my application (I probably won't). SOP: I have a deep interest in political economy, as my parents are immigrants from Eastern Europe, and learning about their experience under a planned economy inspired me to think about economic structures and their political and historical reasoning and implications. International development is also of interest, as the marginal impact of policy interventions is large and development was a big part of my research into Eastern Bloc economies and political economy. LOR: A LOR from an economics professor who I loved in undergrad and still talk with about economics on a regular basis. He's said that the previous LORs he's written for me have been "glowing". His work is in economic history, another research interest area of mine. LOR from a well-known economics professor in international development who was my thesis adviser n grad school (I also took a class with her an got an A-). LOR from IMF economist who I worked with when I was at the Fund. Do I have a chance at UMass, American or New School if I apply this year? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I am aware of my poor math grades and my underperformance in econometrics. I am currently taking Calc II at UCLA Extension (for credit) and will work hard to get an A. One of the main factors behind my poor academic performance in the past were mental health issues, and frankly, poor study habits. I have worked on these, and hopefully my solid grade in Calc II will show that. Assuming I do well, I'm planning on taking more math to make up for past performance and prepare myself for applying to Econ PhDs. Furthermore, I'm not really looking to get into top programs per se, more so ones that consider more heterodox approaches and consider qualitative approaches to research as well. If I did go somewhere like the New School or SOAS, can I get a placement at an LAC? That's really what I'm aiming for, not so much to work at a huge university, the private sector or for governments.
  4. Hi Urch forum members, I am currently an economist at the BLS, but want to transition to a career in academia and am looking at economics PhD programs. I know that economics PhDs are very quantitative and my math background is poor, so I am retaking Calc II to demonstrate my ability curranty to do the math needed. Assuming I do well, I plan to take more math classes (Linear, Calc III, Probability, Analysis), to continue demonstrating my math abilities. I am interested in political economy, economic history and institutional economics, specifically as to the role of government in economic regulation in the post-WWII period, particularly in Eastern Bloc countries, and very much see myself in an academic career doing research on this issue and many others related to it. Furthermore, I would enjoy developing models to explain the economic effects of those policies to gain a better perspective relative to neoclassical economics. I am looking for a more qualitative economics PhD program, if such a thing exists, and am interested in post-Keynesian and a more heterodox approach. I am looking at the New School, UMKC, UCSC, GWU, SOAS, UMass Amherst, and American. Does an economics PhD makes sense for me given what I want to do, or should I look for a PhD in Public Policy or Political Science? I want to primarily view the issues I am interested in through an economic lens, with the political effects being of secondary importance. Furthermore, given my profile, am I even remotely competitive for any PhD program, assuming good grades in further math classes? Thanks for your help! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics and International Relations (double major) at Occidental College Undergrad GPA: 3.35 Overall, 3.56 Econ, Type of Grad: MA in International Economics and Finance from JHU SAIS Grad GPA: 3.3 GRE: 156 V 163 Q 5.0 A (took in 2018, will retake) Math Courses: Calculus I (B-), Calculus II (C+) Calculus III (C+), Statistics (A-) (undergrad) Econ Courses: Undergrad Intro to Econ I/II (A-, A-), Intermediate Micro/Macro (B+, B+), Economic Development (A-), Econometrics (A-), International Economics (A-), Advanced Macro (C+), Firm-Level International Trade (B+), Macroeconomic Policy since the Great Depression (A-) Grad Microeconomics (B), Macroeconomics (A-), Econometrics I/II (B-, B), International Trade (B+), International Finance (C), International Money and Banking (B+), Economic Development (A-), Advanced International Economics (B+), International Financial Organizations (A-), Time-Series Econometrics (B+), Topics in Growth and Development (A-), Master’s Thesis (A-) Other Courses: I am currently taking Calc II at UCLA Extension to prepare for my PhD applications and to make up for poor math grades in undergrad. Letters of Recommendation: One from a Deputy Director at the IMF who is very aware of my PhD interests, one from professor I was an RA for in grad school, and one from professor who specializes in economic history who I was very close with in undergrad and is also very aware of my PhD interests. Research Experience: Summer economic research internships at the Council of Economic Advisers, Economic Policy Research Institute, Committee for a Responsible federal Budget and Bipartisan Policy Center. RA for economic history professor in grad school (4 months), RA for political economist at undergrad (4 months), RA at IMF after grad school, Economist at BLS for 7 months. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests: Political Economy, International Development, Economic History, Institutional Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics SOP: Interest in political economy and economic history and desire to analyze the current world through economic insights from the past. Love for research and desire to gain understanding of the world through qualitative and quantitative analysis. I also genuinely want to be a teacher to guide and inspire students to be academically curious and do their personal best. Other: During undergrad, I was struggling with mental health issues that negatively impacted my academic performance. I have since resolved those issues and hope to show my academic ability, particularly in math, with my better grad school grades and excellent performance in future math classes.
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