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  1. Thank you so much for the useful advices, surely I will write to my thesis supervisor for a complete feedback.
  2. I attended Torino university in the Bachelor and Bocconi for the Master. For the ranking I would think about top 10% of the Bachelor and 30% of the Master. Regarding the GRE I agree about the fact that the Quantitative score gas to be improved, indeed I will retake it. The traineeship has a great amount of data mining and data cleaning, but at the moment it does not include an high theoretical content. It would be wise to search for RA experience after the end of my contract at the ECB?
  3. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions about my profile: Educational background: -Bachelor: 4/4 with honors (top 100 university, Europe) -Master: 3.6/4 (top 20 university, Europe) Core Courses at Master level: -Math (real analysis) B- -Statistics B -Econometrics A- GRE: Quant 160 Verb 162 (planned retaking) Reference letters: My Master thesis supervisor, top faculty member and reasonably strong My Bachelor thesis supervisor, I assume not so strong Research experience: No RA Work experience: currently in a one year traineeship at ECB with high programming content questions: -Apart from retaking the GRE, are there other ways to make my profile stronger? What are the European universities reachable? A sincere thank you in advance.
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