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  1. Hi, thank you all for reading this and I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give. I'm kind of stressed about admissions for the next academic year, I just want to adjust my expectations accordingly. I would like to know what schools should I apply to and also my chances for each of them. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: US undergrad (ranked 10-20) Undergrad GPA: 3.96 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 161V/170Q Math Courses: PhD: Theory of Statistics (A) , Measure Theory and Functional Analysis (A); Undergrad (all senior-level): Topology I + II (A/A-), Real analysis I+II (A+/A+). Probability (A+), Mathematical Statistics (A+), Time Series Analysis (A+), Topics in Financial Mathematics (A+) Econ Courses: PhD: Microeconomics I (A), Microeconomics II (A), Macroeconomics I (A), Topics in Microeconomic Theory (A); Undergrad (all senior-level): 4 advanced undergrad econ classes including metrics and finance classes (all A) Other Courses: 6 (junior-senior level) courses for a CS minor (all A) Letters of Recommendation: 3 from full professors, all well-respected within the theory circle. I have done research for two of them, and the other one specifically selected me to receive a department-awarded grant. Research Experience: This is where I'm most concerned about, I have only one summer's worth of research and one soon-to-be completed senior thesis (though I hope my research interests somewhat mitigate this since I'm primarily interested in theory). Teaching Experience: TA for a few math and econ classes. Research Interests: Microeconomic theory, finance. and applied micro fields (IR or Labor)
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