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  1. Always go to the funded offer, unless you are super rich
  2. Oh wait CEMFI put me out of the waitlist??? I want to know if I should choose CEMFI if I already accepted BSE/UPF...
  3. I accepted my offer and rejected the rest and high-ranked waitlists last month, good luck everyone!
  4. Type of Undergrad: Internationally unknown Asian University Undergrad GPA: 3.83/4 Type of Grad: Top 10 US Econ MA Grad GPA: 3.93/4 GRE: 155+170+3.5 Math Courses: Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra(ug+g), Probability, Statistics (ug+g), Real Analysis Econ Courses: Adv Macro+Micro, Adv Econometric, many electives (urban, development, international, public, game theory etc) Other Courses: Quantitative Social Science Letters of Recommendation: 1 prof from another university whom I did ra, 1 ra emeritus prof, 1 ap of my predoc Research Experience: 3 Teaching Experience: statistics, econometric, international economics Research Interests: Macro development/distribution, micro experiment, labor SOP: regular SOP Other: NaN RESULTS: Acceptances: BSE/UPF, Geneva, York, Stoney Brook Waitlists: UNC, Warwick, Notre Dame, Georgetown, BC, UVA, UZH, CEMFI, Bocconi, UC3M Rejections: UMN, NYU, Columbia, Upenn, BU, Rice, ASU, UA, UCSD, UCD, Duke, UW, UMD, TAMU, USC, PSU, TSE, SU, Bonn Pending: MSU, UPitt, SSE, Syracuse, Purdue Attending: BSE/UPF Comments: Really tough circle. I applied as many as I can to maximize the chance.
  5. Congrats! Did you received their acceptance letter?
  6. Anyone accepted BSE/UPF offer? After receiving their official acceptance letter last week, I've never heard from them
  7. Okay, wustl is still better than UND, especially for macro IMO.
  8. I would suggest to take the full-funded PhD. Master in those institutions may not necessarily place a lot higher than your current offers (maybe Uchi and Columbia may help), especially when considering the enormous amount of money you need to pay, unless you really want to go to better uni and have a lot of money and time to cover the opportunity cost. So in general and without considering any specific subfields, if I were you, I'd choose WashU since I like Seattle > Indianan, and it's higher ranked than UND.
  9. I have a friend in UT Austin. It's a great department and definitely > top30. As for the funding 25k could let you make ends meet but you can't live a very comfortable life (otherwise you need borrow some money). It's for sure a lot cheaper than some programs which only provide funding starting from 2nd year.
  10. If you haven't received rej/admission, you are on the waitlist.
  11. Also, is it a potential sign that a department is inbreeding? I notice a bunch of profs in U of Geneva got their PhD at U of Geneva, which I don't see from many other universities.
  12. Yeah, I just declined my offer from U of Geneva. It's a nice city to live with good payment but I don't want to be ended up only in international organizations...they have very good placement for UN system but others are bad.
  13. 26 US universities ranging from top 10 to top 50-60 and 14 EU universities. I got many waitlists for the US and 3/4 offers are from EU. I am a predoc in EU.
  14. I just accepted the top offer from the 4 admitted schools. It feels better not to reply on probability, besides it's a good uni
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