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  1. For chicago econ, check the portal just in case. I went in there for curiosity (without getting any email) and saw my rejection letter updated.
  2. Just got accepted off of my second-best waitlist. I have declined my other offers (including BU, Cornell) and requested to be removed from other WL (including UCSD). Good luck to everyone!
  3. Sorry I wrote too fast and made tons of errors. I was just saying I would go for Upenn (instead of wisconsin) if you are not sure what to choose. If they are not significantly different in terms of program, might as well just go for higher ranked program.
  4. For me, whenever it is hard to choose, I would just for ranking as specific interests can always change anyway. But it depends I guess.
  5. Due to change in the april 15th resolution in 2020, you no longer need to ask for release but just inform the university that you withdraw your acceptance if you get dominating offer on 16th. So if things go south and the WL go over 16th, you can accept the offer you have and later email them to withdraw. But for good will, I guess it would be always nice to send email politely. "Applicants are not required to obtain a formal release from the program whose offer they accepted, either before or after the April 15 deadline. Once applicants have informed the program that they are withdrawing their acceptance of the offer, they then can accept any other offers." Fingers crossed for everyone!
  6. Thanks! I also saw some of the results on GC although seems they are not closed yet as I have some WL there not rejected. Hope schools like MIT, Harvard get settled so the process is finalized soon.
  7. Any updates on WL in top schools (moving or closed?)? Just curious as April 15th is arriving.
  8. Congrats! Also, seems like WL for Stanford is starting to move according to GC. Maybe the ripple down effect will start soon. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  9. That is true. Although I hope that does not happen..
  10. seriously wiring it down to the 15th? unbelievable.
  11. Anyone know if there was any movement in WL for UCSD, Wisconsin-Madison, NYU Stern this week? This is getting very stressful.
  12. can anyone confirm the recent acceptance for UChicago? Kinda seems odd as the coordinator only just sent out another survey. Seems too quick for any movement so curious if it is true.
  13. I would just go for Penn if I was the case. Advising might be slightly better for UW but I would say it's not that significant enough to choose madison for it. Also Penn does have name value if things do go south.
  14. Since lot of the visiting days end this week, I would say frenzy will start mostly next week. but who know we might get some movement this week as well. Fingers crossed.
  15. can anyone confirm the acceptance from the WL for UCSD on GC?
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