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  1. Hi! I am putting up for sale my old Morris Cody notes..2003 edition in good condition and all 19 booklets in order. Price will be $150 plus shipping and handling. Please let me know if interested.
  2. I am putting up for sale my Morris Cody 2003 ed notes all 19 booklets in good condition for $200 plus S&H. Please email me if interested.
  3. Hi all ! I have 19 booklets of original Morris Cody notes in good condition( FPGEE ) for sale at $250 including shipping and handling. Let me know if interested. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone! I will be starting preparations for NAPLEX soon. Need some advice on which books to buy.... 1) Is CPR 5th ed. very different from the 4th? I mean if I have 4th ed. do I need to buy the 5th ed. 2) Does CPR NapLEX prep CD-ROM have different material than the CPR books? 3) Are kaplan notes a must ? Or is morris cody better? 4) How does Morris cody NAPLEX differ from Morris cody FPGEE? Is the latest edition suited to the new format? 5) Can anyone post their opinion on " A&L's 900 + qs for NAPLEX" I have the "A&L's pharmacy Review" Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone! I just recieved my FPGEC and I will be applying for the internship licence very soon. I need guidance regarding how to go about getting an internship position. I have applied everywhere..CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Meijer...but all of them say ..we have no vacancy. Who are the right people to approach? ...and do you get started only when you sign a bond? PLease help!
  6. Hi knok & everyone Really sorry ...and angry to hear about your experience. I hope you could answer the remaining questions well to get a 50. I gave my exam too here in ohio state. It was OK.( keeping my fingers crossed!) I have one word for the manner in which this 'professional speaking 'exam was conducted though ....thoroughly 'unprofessional'! The exam room was very crowded...atleast 12-15 students recording their voice at the same time. Each student was less than 2 feet from the next person. The one to my left was one qs ahead of me ....one to my right was one qs. behind me. I could hear everything they said!....and all the time I was conscious they could hear my answers. I am sure everyone in the room had the same problem.It sounded like a FISHMARKET for 20 minutes....definately did not simulate a professional setting. ETS needs a serious rethink about the fairness and reliability of such a manner of conducting an exam. Anyways...here's hoping for the best! I will pray that everyone passes.
  7. Hi everyone! Can anybody plaese tell me how much preparation time is given for each qs. I know about picture qs ... 60 seconds workplace situation..30 sec handle complaint...30 sec Flowchart...15 sec..+ reporting..45 sec Describe graph.....15 seconds What about opinion qs ? Its not mentioned in the sample TSE qs Thanks
  8. ohiopharmacist

    I passed

    Heartiest Congratulations! Both Turquiose and Maggie! Graet job....Pray for us April testtakers too!
  9. Hi there! Good qs. It was the Remingtons Pharmaceutical sciences.year 2000.It does have some part about pharm management too.Try www.pharmainfo.net they really have good stuff about various topics. Click on Fpgee practice qs. Its too expensive to buy the book. So I searched the libraries in my area.Luckily my state university library had a copy and they let me refer to it though I was not a student! I guess its the same policy in all state univs. Advantage : U get to see other important books too like Drug Facts and Comparisons Guyton Pharmacopoeiae etc. etc. U can xerox some chapters, charts to read later. Best Luck..
  10. Hi friends! Really nice to see you all come forward to help each other. Together we will make this possible. Okay! Now this is how I am studying a month before the test... 1) I only have PapaJohn's book....I find it good....sometimes the answers are too lenghty for 1 minute. Do you think this book is enough for prep ...or are other books imp too ? ( Jack Rose, ESL seminars...) Anyone seen the new 2nd edition Papa John? Is it very much different than the first? I mean is it modified to suit the new TSE ? 2) I practice answering some qs from the TWE list of topics and its very helpful for the opinion qs. 3) Trying to speak English as much as possible...I think this is imp esp for people from India. we speak very good English but when we come across a difficult word we relpace it with one from our native language. 4)Finding last qs toughest...'reporting to boss'.How does one go about practising for this? Any suggestions? Thats all for now Bye n Take care! :)
  11. Hi everyone! First of all I must say this is a fantastic site! Full of helpful people and great tips ...and it has taken a burden off my head about getting enough material for TSE.Thanks all:tup: I will be appearing TSE in April and I have just started practicing.My problem is I find 15 seconds or 30 seconds too short to think of a 'good complete response'.As a result I end up saying Um ...ahh...uh a little too much ! How much of this is really acceptable on this exam? And anyways these are part of natural speech, aren't they? Please help! :hmm:
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