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  1. Hi Tvn, Thanks for your input :) Actually, good profs can make tenth of papers per year (if they have 20-30 people research groups :^) ). For example, my co-worker and co-drinker has published about 13 papers in high impact journals (i.f. = 3-6) during his PhD ;) Good luck to you also :tup:
  2. oh, I just occasionaly found this thread here :) So nice of Erin to put it there :D Notacolour, Scheng75, thanks a lot for your comments! Yes, I think we will like NC! I like it already, since I've been there and my gf will like it a little bit latter :D Scheng75, I'm very pleased, that you found our story interesting. Yep, I think we are very lucky people :) Actually we have 3 cases that could be considered as an overlaps: USC (+ me for UCLA also which is close) UNC Purdue (but I did not get funding there) Good luck to all of you! :tup:
  3. Congrats! I know CS professor in my school (which, however far far away from top), who has PhD in CS from U of Kentucky. She gets her professor position right after PhD. I assume, that's not bad school at all. I hope it helps :)
  4. Dear Folks, My fiancee is done with her application process. The statistics is the following: Rejects: UC Irvine UMich UCLA UMD Cornell Accepts: UIUC (with aid: 1st year fellowship + TA, RA for the rest) Purdue (with aid: TA) UNC (with aid: TA) USC (with aid: TA) UWisconsin (no aid) I think, she did pretty good job. Thank you for your help and comments! :tup:
  5. Hm, UCLA, UNC, and UMD also public, but they were much more generous :) Or IN is so poor state?
  6. No, it is alright. Welcome to the club :)
  7. Just got a letter from prof in Purdue. Accepted, but no funding. Extremely rare case in my field (chemistry). :hmm:
  8. Update: In 5 (got to UCLA (ta) and Purdue (no funding) ) Out 4 Pending 1
  9. Wow, you overestimate me :blush: Thanks a lot:)
  10. Well, it seems that I will be first to mentionon my favorite writer: Herman Hesse - "Siddhartha", "SteppenWolf", "The Glass Bead Game" and many many more (I've read almost everything) from this bright Nobel author :) Also, I found very interesting books for beginners in Zen philosophy like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0452264960/104-9024610-4181518?v=glance&n=283155 Very helpful thoughts for everyday life! Almost forget - off course, Salinger :tup: Good luck.
  11. No, your spouse CANNOT work legaly on F2 visa under any circumstences (not even on campus). Yes, J2 for her is much better. Good luck.
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