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  1. Congrats for your great score..:)
  2. Thanks all for your comments..... So, if I have a high ranked AUS MBA with a 4/5 years work experience(not as a MD/Director of course) and then enter US, I have to struggle severely to get a job?? Does it vary from specialization to specialization?? Like, if anyone has experience in investment banking, will this be beneficial over management consulting? Does it work like that?? I heard that Canadian MBA graduates are working in US, having no problems........Do they also face the same situation??
  3. Dear all, I know that top 25 US B-schools are invincible (Except Insead,IMD,LBS, Rotman). But how much recognition does the Aus MBAs have in the World market? I know that AGSM(Australian graduate school of management) and U. of Melbourne are ranked somewhere around 50 in the top MBA list worldwide, although AGSM has affiliations with schools like Wharton, Kellog, LBS. Will the top 5/6 Australian MBAs get the same recognition and the job prospect as the 2nd tier US B-schools (51 - 100 ranked) in the World Market? What are your thoughts on this guys?
  4. Erin, My problem is not yet solved. It has been more than 1 month that I can't post a new thread.........
  5. Erin, just now I have tried to post a new thread in this feedback forum.....but its not working either.............I have been trying to create new threads in many forums for the last 8-10 days........but its not happening...................... Could you plz look into this??
  6. Congrats for your very good score and debriefing:)
  7. Erin, I am still having the same problem, can't post new thread in the MBA Admission forum. But I have seen that some people are posting new threads. Then why only me??:(
  8. Erin, could you plz help? My problem is not yet solved.
  9. Hi I can't post a new thread in the MBA Admission forum, but I can reply to the posted threads.......any advice on this???
  10. Congrats!! 680 is a very good score....
  11. HI Tiktactoe,,,Are you in B-school at the moment or in the process of getting acceptance or already got acceptance? if so, which schools?? I guess, Wharton, Harvard???
  12. Hi mates, Is there any problem if anyone wants to get his 2nd MBA degree if he has already done his MBA from somewhere else? Top/Medium B-schools accept these type of students? What are the disadvantages regarding this?
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