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  1. yes, If you taking this exam for first or second time it will surely benefit you, well it helpled me , I believe if you wasting so much money in exam each time ,its better to spend couple more in this review course. Good Luck buddy:tup:.I will pray for everyone.Dont forget to go with positive attitude it really works. Swati-
  2. I understand how you feeling rt. now....but you can only wait & watch....but one thing I would like to tell u is, "Be Positive & Think Positive" I already took my test & by God grace I passed:grad:.My entire credit goes to my God,few of my frends & my lil baby in my tummy. Just pray hard & be positive, God bless You.Good Luck frend!! :tup: Swati-
  3. hello Punu, Its absolutely normal that you stuck with 2 answers...it happens with everyone,so now just forget about everythin else & treat urself saying you have done good job. Its of no meaning understanding the conversion of raw score to scaled score & no. of Q's correct to pass this exam,b'cos its all depends on each Q's type & difficulty level,no one can understand this well,so buddy just calm down & pray God each day & be positive.Good Luck & God Bless You.:tup:. Swati-
  4. hey Preeti, Welcome to this Forum... Do you have master degree? If yes then its still ok to take exam in Oct. But if you not master...theh I guess you putting ur self in great Risk.Your preparation time is MORE than Enough...I do understand you work full time...but you also need to concentrate in study..& get rid of this Exam. As we dont have much time left to clear it. Where r u located? Well I just wanted to give my opinion..b'cos you asked for...i know everyone has their own idea of studing,so u must be knowing wht u r doin. Good Luck:tup: . Swati-
  5. swatikaran

    Study Help

    StudyingOT, Please let me know your id so I can add you in my messenger list...Or you can send me ur id thru private message:).Well i have no idea why ur mail couldn't delivered to me.But let me have ur id & I can add urs. Swati-
  6. swatikaran

    Study Help

    Hey Donna, Welcome to NBCOT Group, Yeah initially you will feel that its difficult to remember everything...but you really have to understand well Rita...yes, your friends are correct u need to read & understand Rita v. well...if u have just started preparation then I suggest you first thoroughly go through Rita once then try to take a test from Caryn J. so you will get idea wht kind of Q's they ask in exam..then it will be easier to read Rita again...& the topics you feel ur weak on, you can review that from other books as Sam told you earlier...I hope it helps you...& pls. feel free to ask anything where I can help you.And You can add me in ur messenger list.Good Luck!! StudyingOT, Pls. let me know your e-mail id. My id is drswati_ot@yahoo.co.in
  7. swatikaran

    Study Help

    Hello Studying OT, Yes We can surely do study together....Well I did it once over internet..well not for the same exam though...but if anyone is interested studying together then we can add each-others id in yahoo messenger..we can either select any topic or we can pass out difficult Questions/queries...or any kind of doubts to each other.We can also decide the time & days so we can come online discuss by doing conference Or we can send Questions using e mail id,if we can not match each-others times. Well let me know whether it makes any sense :hmm:.Or If you have better ideas about it:idea:. Good Luck!! Swati-
  8. swatikaran

    New Syllabus

    Hey OTR Test Takers, Anyone is having any information about edition/change/revised syllabus? Please post your valubale information if you have any kind of idea about it. Your post is highly valuable for everyone in this forum....Please stay togthere & help each other. Thanks. Swati-
  9. Dont worry about that online exam & scoring less...it don't meant that in final exam you'll score less.Do not realy on that exam..passing that exam dont mean that you will pass the actual exam..many of my frends failed to reach score in online exam & still able to clear actual exams...& many could pass the online but failed to reach that score in actual exam.So never let go ur confidenece down.Just keep paracticing the questions as many as possible.And if possible try to write down all difficult Q.& the we can try to solve it in forum...try to get better rationals for each Q.I do have many Q.'s that i'll post online soon,then try to give best answer possible with better rationals.Lets do study in groups...lets discuss topics..which you find more difficult to understand...so that way we can make our foundation strong.Pls.let me know if u wanna ask me any kind of Q.Or let me know about this idea? hello Sam, Good Luck for ur result..dont loose ur hope...u never know may be u pass...so dont think negativley unless u find ur result.Post ur Q's what u find difficult to answer....so we all can have good reasoning skill.Good Luck!! again. Swati-
  10. swatikaran

    Study Help

    I'm also struggling to pass this exam...yeah that's right,already tried & yet not cleared...If anybody interested I'm also interested studing together...Please send me reply or e mail id. So I can contact you. Good Luck :tup:!!
  11. Hello,Sudhir Well I've no idea about a good Colleges in US for MOT,& have no knowledge about getting financial aid/scholarship, but as you asked that based on your 4-1/2 yr degree & with some good work experience have any chance to pursue a OT career in US, then as far my knowledge goes,then on based of new requirement,all forign student should have Master degree as a basic requirement (this is wht. i understood). So either u do master there in India or take admission in US for Master,& about colleges & financial aid matter why dont you ask your query in this forum, :idea:http://www.occupationaltherapist.com/forum/categories.cfm?catid=568&entercat=y I guess someone will definately answer your questions,regarding this. Please Excuse me ,If I provided something wrong information,& thats why I said earlier,this info. is based on my knowledge & entirely what I understood it online. I hope it helps you. Good Luck!!:tup:
  12. Congratulations!!! both of you. born77, when did u took ur otr? bye enjoy ur christmas!!! Happy holidays to all O.Tist. bye-
  13. hello,Niti I would like to discuss & study together....just le y me know wht is ur convinient time ...& i live in CA....so we can adjust our time too...i'm free today...so let me know when u get this msg. Thanks Swati-
  14. Hey Niti, I'm planning to take this exam in month of september...well if ur still interested studing together,then i would like to study with you...my id is drswati_ot@yahoo.co.in Thanks Swati-
  15. hello Kavita, I'm Swati,well Welcome to this forum.. Anyway what papers you sent to NBCOT? I think you better check this website ,they have given everything in detailes about what papers they need from us & from our college..website is.. http://www.nbcot.org/webarticles/anmviewer.asp?a=70&z=15 I hope this might help you...& hurry up if you are just baccularate then u need to file & clear your TSE by end of this year...otherwise you'll need to do master here... I wish you very Good Luck!!! Swati-
  16. [ATTACH]2346[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2347[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2348[/ATTACH]hello guys, these file r forwarded by Hitesh....& i'm sending it again to you incase if dont have one.... I guess it may help you to pass this test. Wish you Good Luck:tup: . Swati-
  17. Hey Knok, Your post is very touching...& I really understand how you all must be feeling b'cos even I felt the same before passing the TSE.Well, Actually I posted all tips with which I thought I must have cleared,in my thread.But I would still like to help everyone,by anyway. The difference I found in my March TSE than the other test is that, * Spoke very slow. * Took Proper Pause. * Emphasied more on Intonation. Even Work on following things.. * time your self,& practice giving ur respose in that 60 sec. * try speaking spontaneously,& just think of 2-3 points of that answer & then make sentences & speak on it... * try to speak only 2-3 sentences,if your sentences or short then you can add it...but try to cover all your points. * If possible study in group or with partners..it will help you a lot. *And if possible change your center,do not take your test where u have taken before & failed it...b'cos it worked for me twice...so ,I believe like that. Well,this is what i did.I also know that many of us must have studied like this...but,we can only prepare our self by studing hard,rest is all on God!! But one thing I realised is that,this test does not depend on your ability atall,so never underestimate your ability,this is ETS who are very commercial & they just want to make money & tht's why they keep on failing all student. So my dear frends,I wish you all the best & very Good luck for this test & for your future.If you want to ask anything regarding this,pls...dont hesitate to ask.This forum helped me a lot,& only with this forum I passed my test,so I would like to help everyone. My special Thanks to Erin(owner of this forum)b'cos of him ,we all are in touch with eachother. Good Luck once again, Swati-
  18. swatikaran

    I finally got 50

    Hey Very well done!!!Congratulations!!!to Cyber & Switchback....Well from all these post we can see that many of our future was & still IS depends on TSE....we all have different problem & b'cos of the this test we're so worried & we thought that we may never achieve our goal...but thanks to God !!! & to this Forum,& all active member like Knok & Kollurmurthy...who inspired us & gave us good tips about tse...I wish that all student gets 50 by june & achieve their goal... Good Luck YOU ALL!!!!! Swati-
  19. No,you need to wait for 2-3 days...& then you have to call them & ask for your result...well i doubt,they never tell ur score on phone but they can send u a copy ur result again to ur home address,but i guess you'll get ur score in this week only. Good Luck!! Swati-
  20. Hello Shang-an Thanks a lot!! Well i if u feel that yor answer is very short & feel that u still have time nearly 20 or more second then u need to say more...only 7-10 sec.left after completing ur answer then it is fine...but when u add more sentence atthat u shld. not make any grammatical mistake otherwise dont speak more you may spoil ur answer in nervouseness.And never go with prepared answer,just think & prepare ur point but never try to memorise ur answer.If u feel you dont have much to speak, speak slow with good confidence,paues & proper intonation. Wish u All Good Luck!:tup: Swati-
  21. Hello Guys, Well I cleared my TSE in March,but before i got my result, I already took April test,& I got my result today...& I again got 50...Well for me now its not making any difference but I would like to tell you all that, I guess:hmm: after changing my center I'm passing this test...I took my March exam in San Jose & then I took my April in Las Vegas...& I guess b'cos of that i'm getting positive result...Well this is just my guess,& I wanted to share this idea with you all...Now here in US there is only one chance left that is in June...& now no one can change it anymore....:rolleyes: Anyway once again I would like to CONGRATES those who passed this test in April & also like to Thanks everybody in this forum & I wish you all a VERY GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR NEXT TSE EXAM. Swati-:tup:
  22. hello,ngumd Even i took my very first exam in that center & that was the worst centre i had ever experienced .when i took my test there were more than 10 students & 5-6 proctors. Even they r not havin head phone..& all telephones were v. old & it was quite disturbing me b'cos of many students...& according to rpt2b,even i felt the same thing...as they r treating u like a illeterate or so... Anywyas,but its all depends on luck...so u just have to be prepared & give good answers & pray...this all u can do... All the Best....& i know you all can make it.... Good Luck Swati-
  23. Thanks a Lot...Anushka,CrystalClear & Rammy... I wish You all clear this dirty exam as soon as possible... Good Luck to all of you... Swati-
  24. hey Thanks a lot ,knok,rani-rani,mygoal2k6,nibbon & bini.... I'll definatley pray not only you but all the TSE Strugguler......Pls...dont loose ur hope..well its very easy to say....& I reallly understand wht u all goin through rt. now....B'cos even i felt the same few days ago.... Anyways guys wish you Good Luck!!! Let me know...if I can Help you by anyway...I'm really greatful to this Forum...so anything for it.. Once again Thanks, Swati-
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