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  1. costs r high as it is one of the most popular cities in USA, housing is okay but still many ppl=some probs, safety I think overall is okay. I know this frm wht I have heard frm my sis.
  2. thnx man, but online wont help, looks like I have to call thm :-(((( one more thing is tht why r they using regular post whn they have my email address. It takes a week for a letter to come, and weeks r goin by really fast.
  3. this is sick, yet another letter requesting fees and trnscripts......
  4. its not degree or institute tht matters for professional success. wht matters is the attitude and hard work of the person. I have seen ppl who have done BCA frm below average university going to places and working for gr8 organisations (eg. Nokia in Finland and Microsoft in USA). I know these ppl personally and they r my friends. and I also know thr caliber. Degree or Institute is secondary, Primary is your attitude and your interest in the field u wanna pursue. abt comparison between IIT and Universities in USA, well my friend, brain drain is still a problem in India. U can pretty much make out wht I mean by tht. Dont worry try for both, study for GATE and at the same time apply to US universities. In case u get aid thn go abroad or else concentrate on GATE. Hope this helps... Vinay
  5. sunxcat, IIT coz its in chicago and I will save living costs thr as I have my sister living thr. most of my apps r around chicago. vasu, dude my sis phoned UIC and they said results mostly in march, however I do have heard few ppl gettin in UIC recently. tht transcript prob is very troublsome man, still dept. saying tht oar dont have my trnscript, may b i'll have to send thm again. but it seems few unlucky ones face this kinda big problem :-(
  6. TOEFL and GRE codes r different. Contact the university and ask thm thr GRE code, otherwise it will be prob. Again I would like to say "TOEFL and GRE codes r different".
  7. Congrats to both of You :-)))) my app has just been delivered by DHL to IIT :-D))) Wat to say more guys? thts why I was shocked at such early decisions. but wats the aid scene thr? if they r giving so many admits so early thn I think either they have lotsa money or no money for aid.
  8. Thnx Sunxcat for the support :-) I really hope evrythin will turn out to b gr8. thnx again :-) and All the best to u too :-)))) Vinay
  9. Hi friends, wat this is all about???? I have heard ppl gettin admit in IIT Chicago even b4 the deadline is over. How can this b possible? Isnt it is done in a way whr all applications arrived till dealine r considered for admission and thn admission is given. Vinay
  10. thnx wood, ogzulker & sunxcat. still no decisions for me. waiting just like a cursor to recieve an event. sunxcat, dude I m still searching for good job. I live in delhi and thr r not many jobs for freshers here. Cant go out of delhi while waiting for app decisions. also all these univs havnt allowed me to have free time as I have been sending stuffs and emailing to these univs so as to get my app complete when actually its complete. Also ETS has troubled me a lot :-(((((((( and still they r not satisfied with troubling me :-(((( like I said b4, I m just like a cursor now, with blackness behind me and in front noone to enter an event. So just blinking :-((((( Hope we all soon hear frm Universities :-) Vinay
  11. Dude I m also waiting for JHU, I apped for Phd CS thr. till now I just got one mail frm thm and tht too for my GRE score which dint reached thm so they asked it in email. sunxcat, if one dont get an email frm university thn does tht means reject or r rejects also communicated thru mail just like an admit. ur friend is certainly very fortunate to get an admit into JHU phd CS coz its among the best in US. Sum guy told me tht JHU recieves around 2000 apps much more thn any univ, with MIT getting around 1000 apps. No wonder they dont pay US News much and end up at lower ranking.
  12. thnx Kfree, sandy and arunchandran :-))))) Congrats to u also Kfree :-)))))))) All the best to all of u :-))))))))
  13. Sorry guys for not coming to the groups often as I was very disappointed with the AWA score. I wish u all - All the best. and one thing to remember - GRE is not tough but very unpredictable, though ETS calls it STANDARDISED tests, which is very strange. So best preparation technique is to study frm all the places possible. And dont ever think tht u r perfect in one portion so u can leave it as u never know wht kind of questions come in real exam. Study completely as far as possible. practice Verbal tests as tht is wht seprate good score frm average one. Verbal test depends too much on vocabulary so eat the wordlists completely no matter how bad your digestion is. use the words regularly even whn u r talking to your friends who may think u have gone mad. also read newspaper daily and mark the words u dont know. make tht a habit. study roots and prefix and suffix coz sumtime they do help and believe me etymology is very interesting. Once u get the hang of etymology basics thn u will fee confident. RC's r very painful and require a lot of labour. practice is the key. I know this coz mostly I got RC's wrong, even in the real test. RC's can make or break your score, so watch out. Quants is not a piece of cake. dont even think in tht line. practice freinds, all kinds of questions as ETS has now started differentiating between real hard and superficial hard. those trial questions which 800 getters used to get wrong, I think now forms a part of question pool. so study diligently. AWA --- wht to say guys, very unpredictable. Depends on the reviewers frame of mind. Dont know how can such a test b STANDARDISED. and Most important thing - Dont get tense abt the test - It worsens the Scenario. This is my personal advice - never cancel your test after attempting it coz u never know wht will happen next time, Trust me, I ve experienced this. All the Best to all of You :-)))) I am now waiting for admission decisions, lets c wht happens.... Thanks again ERIN for this gr8 site and forum. I dont think one can get info abt all the tests under one roof anywhr else on internet. If its Test thn u got to visit TESTMAGIC :-)))) Thnx again :-))))) Vinay
  14. dont worry abt all this and just apply. They just want u to have adequate and equivalent to US background in terms if degree and tht u have. but do attach a letter explaining all abt diploma and lateral entry scheme to clear out waters more. Best of Luck... Vinay
  15. hmmmmm, but no decisions for phd yet or ...... i m worried ???????
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