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  1. get your figures right dude ! .. I would have jumped from a cliff if I had got
  2. well, the higher the GRE score, the better. There is no 'ideal' score, so to say but anything above 1450 would kinda be in the zone where you wont be rejected on the basis of the GRE score.... not too sure about the work ex... a lot depends on the work you have done (be it during undergrad or while working in a company).
  3. Well, it is a good start but it just gives an overview of graph theory. Although, it covers a good portion of graph theory, you might need to read a little more on graphs from elsewhere .... just keep in mind that the test is objective (MCQ) Vipul.
  4. dude, u might wanna have a look at this as well : http://www.http://www.testmagic.com.com/forums/showthread.php?p=57036 Vipul.
  5. Hey chris, checked TM after a long time. Did you take PPS this sem ? Vipul.
  6. Hey Charlie, checked TM after a long time ... COLUMBIA ROX !! I did go to the orientation ... lets meet up sometime Vipul.
  7. Hey minnie, Thanks a lot for the good wishes. And all the best for your applications. May you get through the university of your choice. Best, Vipul.
  8. Hey nishi, you may try Indiatimes education section. They got a lot of rankings and I guess they had one for Environmental as well .. so check it out ! and you're an Environmental Manager .. cool, so what does that actually involve ? Vipul.
  9. Hello vlsi, You can always write to the school and ask them if sending scores late is ok with them. Most of the schools do accept GRE scores after the deadline, so it shouldn't be a problem. Better to ask the school. Well, if you got a good score, it doesn't harm to send your scores. Again, much of this is university dependent. About the time frame, it is a very subjective question. It depends totally on you. If you're a CS major, you'll require less time. You may prepare in 2 weeks, or you may take months. So,.. thats it. hth, Vipul.
  10. Hi fellas, another post to the long list .. keep up the good work guyz, I'll try to chip in with my bit Erin .. count me in as well .. (atleast for a few days) spidey, zppppppppp ... cool man :) .. I'll go for the movie next week eagle, that book is really nice .. 'The Alchemist' wasleys , now the equation is 144/6 = 24 each .... reduction in work load = 53% ;) eephdwannabe .. best of luck, u'll get that verbal up nishi, u workin on your B.E. dissertation ? lets keep things movin, Vipul.
  11. Hey minnie, attending grad school at a top univ (ranked below 20) in CS !! .. doesn't get better than this ... and tougher as well, if I may add. about your acads spoiling the show, I dont really know how good is 66% in your univ., so can't really comment on that. and as I said before, a good score on the CS-GRE will surely help you. But do keep in mind that the application process is not only about the GRE scores. and as far as leaving a job is concerned, I myself declined an offer from the Big Brother :) hth, Vipul.
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