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  1. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!! :) :tup: Keep smiling! :)
  2. hey hiiii everyone!!!! how'r ya all? :) .. long time ah!.. wats up with wlt?? wishin you all gud luck in your future endeavours!! byeeeee :)
  3. from syracuse.. less than a metre away from the previous post :)
  4. happy birthday syam!!:) have a blast take good care my best wishes for you!!! :)
  5. hey ram, first of all.. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS FOR A PERFECT QUANT SCORE [clap]... MATHS GURU :grad:.... you shouldn't feel disappointed at all.. this is a good score and make sure your SOP,RECOS and your project stand out in your application. Apply to Syracuse University:D I'm sure you deserved much much better in your overall score but don't get perturbed by this total. it's still a good competitive score..Never get disheartened n keep smiling always:) My best wishes are with you always:) All the very best:tup:
  6. Thanks Shoaib and wydiwyg. :) Yea. I hav made up my mind on Syracuse. :) Thanks once again Bye!
  7. Hello everyone, I have finally come out with my list of admits and would like to know which would be the best pick among them : 1. Syracuse University ( 40% waiver ) 2. University of Texas at Dallas (no aid) 3. Lehigh University (no aid) Major : CE - Embedded Systems Please do consider various factors like aid chances, jobs, location, etc into account. Please let me know the reasons for opting that univ among the lot. Thanks in advance Waiting for the replies, Bye!
  8. okies..i gtg guys.. catch ya'll laterrrz bye.. take care of yourself... have a g8 day ahead tomorrow...bye bye!!!!!! :) :)
  9. wow!!! thats amazing! congrats buddy! :) well worth an experience in your early yrs....
  10. here ya go.. my post after a long long time :) :) PINK FLOYDDDDD - High hopeeeeeeesss :) :)
  11. btw..its surprising to see so many of them in wlt..cooooooooooooll :) :)
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