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  1. hi, everyone!!! I just took the NBCOT exam last July 1st in Manila, of course, it's where I am located. For sure, I will not pass the exam coz I wasn't able to study while working. I just want to know if anyone had taken the exam last July? What reviewers you're going to study? I have an old reviewer by Cottrell, copyright 2001. brand new but old edition. if you're interested to buy it, just send me a message.
  2. i hope you could give me some tips to pass the exam...
  3. hi! When I constantly receiving my tse exams and always got a 45 score, the results came after 2 days after it was released from USA. the return address was a just a sticker (return address from Philippines) which covered the ETS return address in NJ. Now that I just passed it, it took more than a week and there is no more sticker to cover the return address. this thing happened to my friend who passed it because it took her 2 weeks before she got the result. do not worry about it. I think you will pass it this time. :)
  4. hi, everyone! i am excited to see this NBCOT forum... i just want to know what books do i need to review for the exam.. i will take the exam this July, here in Manila. After 6 TSE exams, I passed it finally. I have 2 months to review and I know there are so many books to read; I just want to know what are the right ones to choose. Thanks for taking time to read my post and hopefully you will reply on this. congrats to those who passed already the english exams.
  5. hello everyone!!! has anyone received their scores for this March 10 exam? ets website is down right now...
  6. hi, rpt2be!!! salamat! noypi ka pala ha.. i answered the questions spontaneously because I just felt tired of jotting down the answers or cue words for my answers.. mahilig din naman talaga ako sa spontaneous eh.. so let's see if this thing that I did will work to pass it. saan ka kukuha ng exam at kailan.. i'll pray for you .... soon to be RPT!!! you will be for sure
  7. I took my exam today... I was tired writing notes to the booklet before I would say the answers because I usually did this thing before and I found myself stuttering... so I just answered the questions spontaneously and mindful of the questions asked... hopefully, with this new trial that I did, will make me pass plus the prayers of those people whom I asked for it.. In God's time perhaps. Good luck to all who'll take the exam. Knd7, you know what, we had the same type of questions, God bless you.
  8. hi! God bless to all of us who will take the exam on the 10th of March!! This is my 6th attempt. Did not study because there's no use of it when I know that I will get a 45 score again. I'm hopeless with this exam and there's nothing more I could do about it except to pray hard.

    i'm TSE desperate..

    I am just wondering if your TSE exam is iBT or the same as before? Is this your first time to give the exam? da pinay
  10. HI! May I just ask about TSE rescoring? Can it be done though paying via internet or should I mail the form? Thank you...
  11. Congratulations! Perhaps I would do the same when I received my result this September... wish me luck! :)

    Time to prepare

    There are times that the testing center would not have the available materials ready for you unless you would ask them. My suggestion is that you should bring a pencil and papers. It varies from the questions being asked. Like for example, there are questions that have 60 seconds to prepare for the answers whereas, there are only 15seconds and for some other questions, no time given to prepare. About the time, you will hear a beep to start and two beeps after 60 seconds (end time). You could have your watch with you but I don't think that when you're already taking the test, you'd rather think of the answer than of the time. Well, that's all I could say for now. Good luck! By the way, I just took my TSE today and hopefully I would pass this time.


    Thanks for the tip, Elise!

    august tse

    I am also scheduled to have my 6th exam this August. I hope that this will be my last. One of my friends who scored 50 told me gave me a piece of advise... and that we should practice a lot with a tape recorder and be consistent with our voice volume (loud and clear). She even told me that she had practiced answering in exactly 60seconds for the "tell me the story" and she made mistakes also like committing erroneous grammar and one time she didn't correlate the answer to the question but it doesn't matter as long as you express yourself in answering the questions and that our voices should be louder as in shouting. She even had a prepared "introduction" to the answers just in case she'll get nervous. So perhaps, these would help us all with my friend's experience. Is there anyone here interested in voice chatting to practice? I just don't know yet where to find a chatroom or website for that. In case you know, please inform me... thanks and goodluck to all! Hi, USARN! I am from Q.C. Will take in ISM this August 20. Where are you going to take the exam?
  15. Hi there MSCFung! I am also taking the exam on August 20 in Manila. It's my 6th time. Maybe the reason why I got a 45 score is that I usually talk fast. My friends told me to speak louder and clearer which I did last May exam but I still got 45. During that time I was pretty sure I will pass because I felt so confident to answer the questions too. Perhaps it's not yet in God's time why I didn't pass. Goodluck to us!
  16. Congrats!!! buti ka pa pinagpala!! as for me I will take my 6th exam and I am frustrated with my 45score.. 5 points na lang... pinagkait pa.. huhuhu.. advice naman dyan?! May I know where did you take the exam?
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