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Thread: Banana Rule (SCN Rule)

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    One of the most important rules on the TOEFL is what I call the Banana Rule.

    Here's why I call it the Banana Rule. Look at this sentence and tell me whether it's correct:

    *I like banana.

    Some people know this sentence is wrong, but many people think it's correct.

    This sentence is NOT correct because we have a rule in English that says:

    A singular count noun cannot stand alone.

    or, as I like to say for the TOEFL:

    If you see a Singular Count Noun with no determiner, it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

    There are many different ways to correct this sentence, including:
    • I like bananas.
    • I like the banana.
    • I like no banana.
    Of course, English wouldn't English if there weren't many important exceptions, so be sure to see the list of exceptions that I've put together.
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    Banana rule? What a name!
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    where is the list of exceptions? page error !!!

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    where is the list

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