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Thread: What book are you using for SAT U.S ?

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    What book are you using for SAT U.S ?

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    what's a good book to use for studying for the SAT U.S History test?

    I am currently using the Barron's U.S history book. Seems okay.

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    I'm going with Larry Krieger's The Insider's Complete Guide to AP US History: The Essential Content. There's a lot of overlap between APUSH and the SAT 2. The book covers both topics pretty well. It's also really comprehensive without being a textbook to itself (I can review American Pageant on my own, kthnx). It doesn't have any practice tests, which are kind of important. So I'm using a mix of US history practice tests and quizzes from this big review article (scroll down to the bottom for straight SAT 2 links).

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