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Thread: SAT II Literature Kaplan Score

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    SAT II Literature Kaplan Score

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    I took the first practice test in the Kaplan book
    today and scored 710. Does that say anything or
    is that way above what my actual test score
    would be like.. since it was the first test and the
    easiest - I think.

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    I would definitely say that the Kaplan score (or even any other practice test score) is just an estimate of what you could possible receive on the real test. Afterall, when you're taking the real test, you have to consider all the factors that contribute to your test score, for instance, stress, time frame? (if you didn't time yourself accurately), pressure, etc. I would say that the score you received on Kaplan is a good start! Through my experience working here at TestMagic, I've learned that many students do fall between their practice score within a 100 points. Yeah, i know that's a wide range but hey, any score between 660-720 is pretty good as it is for a beginner. Good luck studying!

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