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Thread: SAT II Book

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    SAT II Book

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    So I intend to take the SAT II Subject Tests Math IIC, Physics + Chemistry... So I decided to buy books, since there are no books in the stores here in Bulgaria, and even if I find any they'll be too expensive, I decided to order from amazon.com As far as I have heard the best preparation books for SAT II Math IIC is Barron's, the same is for Chemistry, but I have some doubts about their physics book....I read some really bad reviews for the 2003 or 2004 edition (dont remember which one it was), on the other hand their new edition 2007 probably is not that different from the previous one, but I didnt find any comments on that one, is there anyone who can say something about the book, from my own experience I know that most of Barron's books are really good, I am really happy with my TOEFL iBT book, and SAT I book, but cant say anything about their SAT II books.....

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    Many of those books are pretty much hit or miss, since they have different authors, and aren't updated very frequently.

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