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Thread: Applying to MIT

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    Applying to MIT

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    Hey fellas, I'm studin in First year Engineering college in INDIA..
    And am applyin as a freshman to MIT for Fall 2009.. Also I'll be takin my SAT this OCT and subject tests in math, physics,chem in NOV.

    Any tips/strategies/experiences anyone would like to share that can be helpful ???

    Hopin for some replies....

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    800 on math of course, 800 on at least two SAT II's + a high TOEFL score

    for international student, MIT does not care about your SAT I verbal

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    I agree with cambridge dove - your SAT Verbal is relatively unimportant. They're looking at TOEFL and SAT Math.

    800 is probably not required, but given MIT's leaning on standardized tests, I'd recommend at least a 780 on both.

    Best of luck!
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