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Thread: Ace the SAT: The Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Score

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    Some good advice in there--take it early, study hard, learn vocabulary, etc.

    Take the SAT test one time only.
    I don't agree with the part about taking the test only once, though. I see plenty of people taking it two or three times and still getting into great schools, such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc.

    Don't use a calculator on the SAT
    And I think that all students are different and not one approach fits all students. If using a calculator helps you, why not use it?
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    Yea, study like your only going to take it once.... but why not take it 2-3 times, colleges dont seem to mind

    With the calculation, the point is not to rely on the calculator because the collegeboard makes every problem so it can be solved without a calculation. But a calculator can be quite useful some times

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    The generally recommended SAT plan is to start with the PSAT as a tenth grader, take the SAT once junior year and again in the fall senior year.

    In each case, you should prepare for the test as in get familiar with the types of questions, the format, and study the general principles behind what they're looking for: guessing versus not, what to focus on in the essay, how to think about those analogies.

    More preparation than that is a personal matter.
    Less preparation than this is a sign of indifference or laziness.

    this is, of course, only my opinion.

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