This is prompt""given the importance of human creativity, one would think it should have a high priority among our concerns. But if we look at the reality,we see a different picture. Basic scientific research is minimized in favor of immediate practical applications.the arts are increasingly seen as dispensable luxuries.yet as competition heats up around the globe, exactly the opposite strategy is needed . "
Assignment: is creativity needed more than ever in the world today? Plan and write an essay.......

Essay:" humans creativity should be given more importance and higher priority among our concerns. Creativity is an indispensable element for the improvement and qualification of the recent world.
Creativity is needed more than ever nowadays since people are starting to favor uncreative and routine things. Arts like drawing,painting and playing with musical instruments would haven't become like this if there were no creative persons like Beethoven,van gogh and Shakespeare . Creativity should be more appreciated since it got us to where we are. It made culture, history and made us the way we are.
My friend Karim used to draw graffiti all around on all our city walls. His art was awesome and he was adept and creative. Everything was ok until it was time to apply for university . Karim wanted to study graphic design so he can draw his own drawings and make his own art buisness . His family and moreover , his cousins didnt like his choice and his father was upset. They all wanted him to do engineering since he had high math and physics averages.
But Karim refused and chose the majore that he loves. After 6 years from graduating, Karim had his own art center and his paintings became luxurious . The most important thing for him was encouraging children to do whatever they like and creativity will come by itself.
All in all, if Karim and many other people like didnt chose the majors they want we will more morose , despondent workers instead of having successful , hopeful and the most vital characteristic which is being creative."