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Thread: Score my essay!!!! Prepping for Oct 2008 SAT

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    Trying to make mom and pop proud
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    I studied vocabulary also in tenth grade, that way I was not bogged down with learning any new vocabulary in eleventh.
    as a reference or find the testtakers 700 most commonly asked words

    Just make sure you look up all the words you do not know on any practice tests you might take. But you'll be fine.

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    Trying to make mom and pop proud
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    Good writing but maybe stick to an easy topic.

    your saying religion should be seperate from government intervention? or influence ?

    It might be hard since government policies and laws are influenced so much. Then what types of govs are influenced ? Some are more than other? ....

    That seems pretty difficult for such a short essay.

    As can be seen with your excellent essay. You have lots of ideas flowing. Simplify to meet the reqs?

    Liberty might be easier? I mean since the 911 and all the terrorist stuff there has been an increase in government intervention over citizens in democractic countries? Ie. airport screening, border, bars---everyone is searching you. So maybe you could argue that terrorist is responsible for limiting freedom in democratic countries? Then 3 examples random police searches, screening and more invasive searches of property...

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