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Thread: sat essay

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    sat essay

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    Should i use a rebuttal?

    Seems like alot of people don't and still get good marks.

    Also, doesn't seem to be enough room for a full rebuttal paragraph.

    So how should i structure it?

    usually i write my intro like this

    prompt do u like sports

    I love competiting in sports. (rebuttal part of intro) Some people hate the win at no cost attitude of sports. They dont like it. I have had the opposite experience. Sports brings out my best qualities. I love to compete for the following 3 reasons....

    Doesnt seem to flow naturally like this.

    If i use the other method most people use it flows better.

    Ever since i was a kid my competitive natural has been harnessed. I had three older brother so playing sports was a good outlet. The games we played were very serious. It didn't matter if it was marbles, kick the can or throwing hockey cards there was always an argument over some minute detail. lead right into what im going to talk about in the body....three examples shows how

    not sure how to use this program its difficult but it should say competitive nature

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    Using a 'rebuttal' is fine. I like that method. Not using it is okay for the SAT essay as well. You need to use the one that works better for you.

    It's kind of hard to say which flows better in your examples because... Well, your examples have a bunch of mistakes that impede comprehension.

    Have you taken the official SAT and gotten an official score on the SAT essay?
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