A colleague of the great scientist James Watson remarkedthat Watson was always “lounging around, arguing about problems instead ofdoing experiments.” He concluded that “There is more than one way of doing goodscience.” It was Watson’s form of idleness, the scientist went on to say, thatallowed him to solve “the greatest of all biological problems: the discovery ofthe structure of DNA.” It is a point worth remembering in a society overlyconcerned with efficiency.
Adapted from John C. Polanyi, “Understanding Discovery”
Do people accomplish more when they are allowed to do thingsin their own way? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point ofview on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples takenfrom your reading, studies, experience, or observations.
Individualism is the key to so many success stories in oursocieties. Having the freedom to pursue our own goals in life allows us tofollow our dreams and instincts, thereby increasing the opportunity for notonly happiness but also fulfillment of our potential to achieve in life.
Can you just imagine a society where we would have to doexactly what we were told to do? Not only would this affect an individual'sinner happiness, but also no doubt the world would not progress at the samerate that it has done since the changes made to our modern Earth and way ofliving.
Thankfully, in Western society at least, we are nowadaysmostly encouraged to be creative in our thoughts and actions, which hasresulted in many great artists, scientists, business people and world leaders.For better or for worse, without these people and the influence they have hadon so many aspects of our daily lives, the world would not be the place it istoday.
Freedom in life can either bring the worst or the best inus, depending on our desires. However, for those who can use the freedom in acreative and efficient way, people will shine. I believe, there is a hidden talentin all of us, just that most of us spend our whole life not finding it. Thereason for this is mainly due to the fact that we are usually either not searchingfor it, not allowed the opportunity or restricted and not supported in thenecessary ways to find our inner creativity and thereby achieve what we arecapable of. However, for those who we are often envious of having their dreamjob, these are the people who often achieve the most in life and make adifference. This clearly makes sense, as people are naturally going to puttheir heart and soul into something in which they have a passion for, and oftensuccess is not only down to intelligence and ingenuity, but also, of course,hard work. However, if you hate your work, you will naturally andunderstandably resent any extra time in which you have to put into a task.
From the moment we are born, we have to follow orders andvery soon we begin to rebel against them. This is because we are instinctivelyhappier when we are allowed to do things in our own chosen way and this willalways bring out the best in people.