Do you know the five reasons an answer choice can be wrong on the SAT/ACT exam reading sections?
A. Extreme, Misused Detail, Opposite, Distortion, Out of scope.
When narrowing the answer choices by process of elimination leaves you with 2-3 options, knowing these reasons is the only way to choose the correct choice.

What are the three figures that - if you know the basic relevant formulas for area, perimeter, side length and angles - you can answer the vast majority of geometry related questions on the SAT/ACT?
A. Triangles, Circles and Rectangles.

Q. Do I have to know science to score highly on the ACT Science section?
A. No. The ACT science section is an extension of reading comprehension. Although it focuses on scientific topics and research, no knowledge of the science is required. A student scores highly when they QUICKLY understand the experiments and conclusions, and also interpret the charts and graphs presented.