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  1. Thread: plz help me

    by ellisael

    Re: plz help me

    It is interesting that no one really answered to this. Hope someone did solve it for him on a dm
  2. Re: Do you listen to music while writing your homework?

    Right now, I really love listening to Lizzo's music as it is highly motivating to work hard and finish fastly. I don't do this when i write conceptual answers though. This is reserved for work that...
  3. Re: You want to get reliable homework help online services?

    I do not really like to use homework help services while doing my work. I like to work hard but i have seen a really pioneering support system that works out very well for me. If you really want to...
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    Re: Banana Rule (SCN Rule): Exceptions

    Oh wow. This is so useful. In English, the exceptions can often give an insight into the rule itself. Feel like thats what this aptly and comprehensively written thread does.
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    Hello! Lisa here :)

    Hi, folks,

    I am Lisa. an English enthusiast and a high schoolers. I often browse the internet to be wiser in subjects of school and life simultaneously.
    I am an avid reader and follow many spoken...
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