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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    You need a linear algebra course. An introduction to proofs or real analysis course wouldn't hurt.

    Getting into a top 50 is going to be tough, although obviously straight As in a masters would...
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    Re: Choosing between LOR Writers

    dogbones: How do you know this?
  3. Re: Fin or Econ? 2021 Fall PhD Evaluation - Thanks

    These are topics studied in economics programs, not finance programs.
  4. Re: Applying to multiple programs at one school

    Perfectly sensible reason.
  5. Re: Applying to multiple programs at one school

    That's much too strong. Few schools supply this information. In general, it's okay to apply to more than one program unless you see something specific saying you shouldn't.

    However, if you are...
  6. Re: Applying to multiple programs at one school

    Generally not because different departments don't share this kind of information. However, there might be an issue at some schools.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021

    It is true. How big a change this will be isn't clear.
  8. Re: Profile Evaluation for 2021 and concerns about LOR

    You don't need four letters.
    You might be a candidate for all programs. Ask the econ professors who are writing you letters.
  9. Re: Profile Evaluation : Economics Ph.D. Admissions, Fall 2021

    Never do this. If you can't learn about their research from looking at their web site, you shouldn't be pursuing a PhD.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021

    Please ignore the worthless advice above.

    You are at a top 20 econ department with a 4.0 average and a year as an RA. That can get you into a top 5 if your letters are outstanding. If your letters...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation for 2021

    Do not do this. You will just annoy them.(Emailing professors at your own institution probably is okay.)

    Pre-doc opportunities are posted at the NBER. Instructions on how to apply can then be...
  12. Re: Profile Eval for Fall 2021 (Aiming at top 10)

    No one will care in the slightest about the B-.
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    Re: Do I have a chance at PhD programs?

    Assuming your math grades improve and that you do well in your master's courses, you can get into a PhD program. You might want to look at placements at schools at which you think you are competitive...
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    Re: Profile evaluation - 2021 Fall admissions

    While admissions committees may well know about the BGSE program, definitely mention the texts.
  15. Re: Profile Evaluation: Valedictorian but no RA

    You will get better feedback if you post your background following the standard template.

    What have the faculty you're going to ask for letters of recommendation told you?
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