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  1. Reapplying after dropping out (by choice)

    Hi All,

    (Not sure if the is the right forum for this sort of a question. Please excuse me if not)

    Here is my background:

    I was enrolled in a decent PhD economics program (top 30) back in...
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    Recommendation letter (need your opinions)

    Hi All,

    Requesting views, experiences, opinions on below dilemma:
    I'm currently in my first year (and first semester) at a top-30 PhD program in the US, but now needing to relocate to Europe for...
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    Re: Switching to European PhD from a US PhD

    Anymore, folks ??
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    Switching to European PhD from a US PhD

    Hi all,

    I am faced with a dilemma and need valuable comments. Any help would be appreciated.
    So, I am in my first year at a top 30 US program. However, due to personal reasons I must have to move...
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    Re: Waitlist Experience

    Thanks for the advice guys! I am wait-listed at a top 10 university and my dream school!
    I feel no shame in admitting that these days are pretty stressful and I am rattled by the thought that...
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    Re: 2018 Ph.D. Business Administration Sweat Thread

    Anybody here planning to decline their Booth quant marketing offer ? Thanks!
  7. Accepted! UC - Santa Cruz vs. Wisconsin Business school

    I have admits from these places. I am interested in behavioral/experimental economics. UCSC has one big name in this field (Dan Friendman) and even in my interview it looked like the professor was...
  8. Re: Profile Evaluation (Applying Fall 2017). PhD Econ & PhD Finance & PhD B-School Ec

    Anyone please ?
  9. Re: Profile Evaluation (Applying Fall 2017). PhD Econ & PhD Finance & PhD B-School Ec

    Firstly, apologies for the format of presentation. If there is a standard template, I am not aware of it.
    Moving on....

    Profile overview:
    Interest 1: Behavioral Economics
    Interest 2:...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Finance 2018

    Hi ,

    I will be applying to PhD programs this year but I have a major confusion in my head right at the onset. I call it the trilemma "PhD Finance vs. PhD Economics (Business School" vs. PhD...
  11. PhD Finance Vs. PhD Economics (B-school) Vs. PhD Economics (Dept. of Economics)

    Hi Friends!

    Firstly, I am pretty sure that similar threads exist somewhere in this forum but instead of posting my question on those and hoping for them to revive, I am starting to a new one since...
  12. Re: MA before PhD; USC vs. UT Austin vs. Vanderbilt vs. UCSC

    @pqhai, Thanks!
    So do they offer tuition reduction in some cases ? I was not aware of that because they mention on their webpage, no financial assistance of any sort.
  13. Re: MA before PhD; USC vs. UT Austin vs. Vanderbilt vs. UCSC

    @pqhai: Did you say you got admitted to UT's MA Econ with $ ?? Last I heard the MA at Austin does not offer financial assistance of any sort. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Incidentally, I have...
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    Re: Master at UT Austin

    Hi All,

    I have the same question as the original poster. There is a dearth of information about this program out there because it is new (2015, first cohort I guess). I have an offer from...
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    Re: Economics Master's Admit(s)

    Come on guys... 300+ views and no replies. Deadline for accepting this offer is just round the corner and I desperately need valuable inputs on this. Thanks!
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